March 14, 2023

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)
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We slip on our robes and grab our wands (which admittedly sounds dirty) and dive into the wizarding world with 2001's 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.' We reminisce on how simple things were back then and how far this saga progresses. Which props will be picked first in our prop draft?

*Draft starts at 46:41*

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(00:00) [Music] foreign [Music] Harry Potter, mate. please God you literally just lost those viewership like you literally just lost his fear it just started what do you mean this is it this is the start I immediately will turn this episode off and I'm in it I'm in this podcast and I'd be like oh God that guy's annoying yeah everybody who's listening I was like why did it just start so aggressively and violently uh that's why I don't know before we were talking and again we have to find a way to release this stuff we were
(00:47) literally just talking about a zoo penguins and I don't know what we're doing but it's a whole it's a whole thing in and of itself that we need to be releasing but welcome to Harry Potter and in the U.S the Sorcerer's Stone uh and apparently everywhere else the Philosopher's Stone which that's something maybe we can get into in a little bit I'm not 100 sure if it really is they just thought the United States was Dumb and I couldn't say the word philosopher I don't know
(01:13) what it was but I think it was more of a belief thing like they didn't want to ostracize some people or something along those lines I think they it would have been I forget there's a reason there's like a legit reason I'm talking out of my butt right now nobody can do that that's that's why we have a podcast it's our platform we can talk out of our butts our mouths our armpits it doesn't matter we could do this it's true I have this fear of like looking stupid but um and Life's a lot more fun when you don't
(01:42) care that is great yeah but I think it was one of those like not I don't want to say religious but they didn't want to turn people away like uh for saying the Philosopher's Stone I don't know man too many syllables right sorcerer philosophy one more syllable almost the same thing that's two syllables but yes welcome to the podcast at the movie propcast I Am Justin here with Tyler we should probably tell him who we are uh yeah because you're here if you've made it this far into the podcast and passed
(02:11) my extremely aggressive uh introduction welcome we're excited to have you and uh and I know Tyler for a fact is is so hyped to talk about Harry Potter and and what sucks is is only Harry Potter the first movie right yes so let's not get too crazy we know there's like what six others let's relax for a second no I'm I'm sorry okay it's not happening all right I I cannot tell you what this meant to me that we got to do this because I was thinking about it and I have a lot of fandoms a lot of things I
(02:43) like like movies video games anime cartoons everything this franchise I have the most merchandise in memorabilia from this one individual franchise then I think almost all of my other stuff combined like I'm in for our viewers Doyle look at your shirt okay the Illuminati you got it that's my shirt yep okay so just so everyone yeah if you want to see what he's doing right now and you're listening to the audio version of this podcast we are on YouTube you can watch the full episode and uh it's the movie propcast on
(03:17) YouTube please hit us with the sub uh yeah we're doing we're doing a little show and tell right now so you're you're a hufflepuffer is that what it is I I am a Hufflepuff dude okay you got the the Hogwarts chest of of goodies with my initials okay all right that's some Next Level stuff I went wait I'm not even done yet though I'm gonna look around the room right now I have so much stuff behind me right now I don't think any of it's Harry Potter uh yeah like uh so I want you to guess
(03:57) just because you know me whose wand I've I've made my wife and I have many many ones whose one do you think was the first one that I bought oh my goodness the first wand you first wand I ever bought First characters want you that's this is a loaded question it is a loaded question it's yeah I feel like I feel like you're the type to just take the take the old man you got you got Dumbledore's off rip the Elder Wand yeah heck no no oh I would have would Snape all right oh all right yeah okay that's
(04:33) fair yes snake but so I went with Snape first best character Arc best okay and best design like when you look at Snape's wand it's sick the Engravings on it are sick yeah so one thing about all this is if you are I mean you only see what you see in the movies right yes but if you've ever been to Universal Studios it's like that whole world is absurd and you and they're they're Hawking everything and it's like it literally is Diagon Alley everyone you could buy anything you want at any time with like
(05:04) it's exactly like it is in the movies which is it's dangerous uh for people like you who are are Uber fans of this franchise so yeah that's a scary place to be so I was on the talk of Wands this right here is my crown jewel this is a wand called it's called the sort of Gryffindor wand and it is shaped like the hilt of the Sword of Gryffindor which is sick I've never shown you this stuff in person no no I need to I need to get the peep show of all this so this is like like my wife and I have multiple wands but this is
(05:37) like the one that I'm going to display and keep yes because I I love this anyway so that was my segue we actually have to get into the episode but what I just meant was that I genuinely love the franchise it is like everything else surrounded by a little bit of uh Misfortune right now but that's literally the world we live in you can't enjoy right that's fair well what's exciting right now about the timing of this is they just released a video game Hogwarts Legacy you you're actively
(06:06) playing it I for whatever reason am waiting I don't know why I I should be playing this game I want to play it every time I see somebody get it and play it I'm like yeah me too but I just haven't done it yet it looks really good and it looks exciting and and I really I do want to dive in on that it it makes you genuinely feel like you get to explore like going to Universal made me felt like I could explore Hogwarts a little bit but now in the game like you get to see and feel and listen to the world and it's it's awesome right I just
(06:38) want to saddle up on the broomstick and just go nuts right to see what's outside yeah I'm still hoofing it I'm on flip what you've been playing for so long you haven't got a freaking broomstick yet I I with the new house I've gotten it I've also only put like three hours in I think if that yeah you to be fair you do have a lot going on uh you did just celebrate a birthday you're you're officially yeah you're we're getting older man I don't know how I don't want
(07:02) to you know I'm just saying getting a little bit older uh yeah this is the first oh yeah there's the first episode since my birthday so thank you for that yeah oh I should have said happy birthday uh and I'm sure everybody listening right now is also audibly at the same time at the same time saying happy birthday oh they're singing you hear that they're singing in their car thank you guys yeah that's pretty nice um no man it's a yeah there's a lot going on in your life right now and and
(07:24) yeah so we understand but the fact that you're diving into that game that's pretty exciting I just realized now that I have 500 movies behind me and if you're again this is a lot of visual going on so if you're not watching it you can go again you can go to our YouTube channel I apologize eventually we'll actually get into content we're going to do this really soon I have 500 DVDs behind me I had owned every single Harry Potter I I own them all yeah I lent them to a friend a mutual friend
(07:50) Reggie uh I lent them to him and the story don't get mad all right it's not ready I I heard the story not through you I actually heard the story through Reggie at work and I forgot it existed continue so we were standing at the time we had lived in downtown St Pete and we were like in the downtown St Pete like we were in the city so outside of our our living area or our house Reggie showed up and it was like during covid so it's like we're like skeptical we didn't want to bring him into the house
(08:21) with the baby and everything so we wanted I was out there talking to him he gave me a Walmart bag with all the DVDs because he was binge watching them so I put them down behind me I'm like the bench right I was like I'm just gonna put it right here I'm gonna chat it's like literally like 10 steps away from our door right I was like this is it we're here so I'm chatting with him and then just I don't know I don't know how to describe these people but I'll say they were very likely homeless or just
(08:45) or you know unkempt I don't know what it was I don't want to be disrespectful but I don't know their situation but they were very clearly they're they're pretty sketchy people all right and they sat down next to the bag weirdly close to it right just weirdly close to it and I didn't go back and get it because I was like whatever you know I'm we're standing right next to it so I'm talking to him for about five ten minutes and I look back the people are gone and the bag is gone and I'm like who steals
(09:12) Harry Potter DVDs like what are you gonna do with those like they're just DVDs none of them were Blu-ray either they were like my collection if you looked I I built it over a decade plus mostly from Mostly from going to like Goodwill and thrift stores and just buying the cheap DVDs for like two bucks so it really wasn't a bunch it wasn't a big loss for me but I anyway I have yet to to replenish that so I don't I don't actually own the movies anymore on on on on Blu-ray or DVD which is kind of sad but it did it
(09:40) does open me up to now being available to go out and buy like the box set so I'll probably go out and scoop that back up at some point but I want to say nine years ago I bought my wife the Blu-ray box set of it I'm waiting for them to do like a box set that looks like the books because you know you could buy the books and the books like come in a trunk if they do that I'm buying it instantly okay so you're gonna re-buy it and then I'll buy I'll buy the old one off of you how about that we'll do this if I feel
(10:07) like selling it maybe oh you're gonna double up okay all right that's fair yeah but no I I have to one day I have to I have to show you the amount of memorabilia and you'll understand okay no you do have a lot and I'm like I I think maybe Kristen got a wand at one point I don't know where it's at there might be a robe around here somewhere Kristin's really big into it too and I'm not saying I'm not but I'm definitely not on the level of everyone else I feel like everyone else
(10:30) around me is like all in on this and I do love it I think the story is great and I think re-watching this film brought me back because when I don't know what grade you were in when this movie came out but we went on a field trip in the sixth grade I think it was I was in we went on a field trip to go see this movie in theaters it was awesome I remember that like like we literally did the whole waiver form and everything and and we were everyone was so excited for this movie that the school that I was at
(10:57) decided that this was worthy of a field trip and it was awesome it was movie day on crack right it was like they didn't wheel out the old crappy TV they were like we're gonna bust you to the movie theaters and you get to watch this and I was like this is so sweet it was awesome and that was my first introduction because I my sister had read the books she's had the few books out and sure I've thumbed through them but I was not the kid reading books I was not the book reading kid so this was my first real
(11:22) experience for Harry Potter and I was like yo Harry Potter's kind of cool he's awesome yes I and my my wife and I get into debates because we are in a time where like too many things are getting remade but seeing this first movie and I've watched his first movie at least a dozen times I love it and I like where it is I wish we could put it in a time capsule leave it alone but still get a remake with today's technology because you watch this movie now and there's there's some things that
(11:52) could be done better some things that could look better yeah if there was a way to take Rupert Daniel Emma and you know Allen and all of them put and then take them take their roles take their acting and put it in a movie with today's technology like I this movie would benefit so much from 2023 it's not even funny because this movie is 22 years old now yeah which is absurd that's that is actually crazy to think of that I realized I did that in the sixth grade and I'm old man now so it's like wait
(12:27) that is that is very old um but they I have seen discussions about a possible like follow-up but what's weird is at the end again we're it's gonna be a long time before we get to the final Harry Potter uh if it took us over a year to get into the first one I think I think maybe we'll do maybe a couple more throughout the year especially once we start picking the pace up I know we keep saying that but eventually we will uh we'll get to the end of Harry Potter at some point but at the end of it
(12:53) you they we do kind of get a little Flash Forward that shows them just kind of living life and and maybe the doors open to to do that again and go back to that and if something else happens again we're doing this fantastic Beast things right now that's kind of fizzled a little bit it started off strong I felt like and then they had a good thing going and then they just took a hard right turn and I was like wait where's the cool stuff you were doing I was like what do you what are you doing fantastic bees had a lot of potential I
(13:23) don't know what happened to me to to derail it like I know I saw the first one and I genuinely was all on board I was happy that a Hufflepuff was getting shine and then it just something just didn't Jive and and it's unfortunate because I still like them I still like them a lot right A lot of people are just really hard on it but I mean Fantastic Beasts it just started being it was Fantastic Beasts and the the really big actors that take a lot of screen time and I was like come on man like we don't need this just give me you
(13:54) could put anybody in this world and show me an interesting story don't give me I don't need I don't need Johnny Depp I don't need like a big actor to just take the spotlight and and make another Side Story that Loops it all together I don't care just show me bees show me that yeah like let's get to that it's easy I I did read that they are in talks of doing something whether it's a Flash Forward whether it's a reboot they're going back to the instead of doing like The
(14:20) Wizarding World they're going back to the Harry Potter roots in some way they just haven't decided how what's cool about this is and I and I'm gonna compare it because I think it is on that level it could be on the level of Star Wars in the in the way where they have this extremely long Saga of movies that are all intertwined however you can you can go into this universe and not even touch the source material and just and just build around it and that's what obviously if you go on Disney plus right
(14:48) now everything is a side an offshoot of Star Wars right and it's and it's there's a lot of really cool content that they can get into and I think that they can do that with Harry Potter uh and the video game is is a really good start um there's a lot of cool stuff going on in that game but again it's it's a book it's a movie um and I think that that's the medium most people want to take in this content I mean not everybody's gonna I don't see you know my my grandmother who actually
(15:13) was into Harry Potter for a little bit isn't going to pick up a PS5 and start playing Hogwarts Legacy so yeah I mean people want more of the content I think that they they will tap back into that especially that age range like we're the millennial age range where that was like the peak of their stuff and like we're all in on it they're going to be milking Millennials for the rest of their lives yes yeah yes yeah yes that's the move uh do I guess we can get into it real quick we might as well just get into the
(15:38) film and start talking about it because it's really strange right away to see how young they are especially knowing they grew up like this is an observer yeah they grew up alongside of us in particular but like it it's just weird to see them this young especially knowing what how it it progresses and what it gets to at the end it's like wait a minute these were these were actual kids and it's actually very fascinating that we didn't really lose any of the child actors in any of this you know what I mean like no one went
(16:09) crazy no one did anything weird it was just like they were along for the ride and I we did okay we did lose Dumbledore at one point which is sad along the way we lost our OG Dumbledore but but that was on that was unpreventable right that was a different story that wasn't like yeah that wasn't anything uh crazy but yeah that's really cool to see over the span of yes it's seven was it seven movies right it was seven or was it eight seven seven books eight movies eight movies because they split
(16:37) the last one right yeah yeah okay so they split the last movie into two so to go eight movies for that long it's not like it's eight years like to make that many movies we're talking like it had to be 15 plus years so it's like that's pretty fascinating that everybody could stay on track and and be locked in and still have pretty pretty good careers after like everybody's still really notable this obviously launched them to their stardom but they're still doing really cool projects after that and and
(17:02) they're popping into random things every once in a while you see them and you're like oh look at this there's freaking Rupert Grint what's he doing uh but no it but they never really got too big you know what I mean they never really like I don't know I didn't feel like there was a lot of ego there I don't know maybe that was that was due to good casting um I I saw something I don't have a lot of tidbits for this film but when I was reading it I saw that uh JK Rowling and we don't have to get into
(17:25) all that uh with her at this point but uh in the early days of Harry Potter when she was signed she got paid like a a couple Millers like a million and a half I think for the book or the movie rights to her books she insisted that this that everybody be from the UK yeah I make over there then just have everything done on on that end which I I applaud because I worry about how it would have been handled here did you see who is kicked out not kicked out but shielded off because of that no so along with that tidbit
(17:58) um Robin Williams wanted to be Hagrid and Rosie O'Donnell wanted to be um I didn't write that down Rosie O'Donnell wanted to be in the movie no as Aya yeah so Rosie O'Donnell and Robin Williams both showed interest in the movie but they were pretty much like walled off because they wanted strictly a British cast I'm glad they did it because it is really nice and refreshing and granted I was just a child but to go back and watch the beginning again to not know where a lot of these people
(18:32) came from granted there were some bangers in there like yeah yeah but not to us especially as kids we're not like oh look it's Keanu Reeves like you know what I mean like or it's Tom Cruise like it I'm glad they weren't a part of it for us over here along with that in that like idea not knowing a single person like even Alan Rickman who had like U.
(18:55) S presence like not knowing a single person kept the movie in this area where it had like a Mystique at least in the U.S to people in Britain I wonder or the UK in general and graper and then all of that I wonder to them what it was like seeing people who were famous to them because over here not a single person was known so the entire thing still felt very fantasy based because it was like no one was known that was yeah and I like that when this story is good enough and you don't have to jam pack it with every major start to me that's a red flag if it yes in most
(19:29) instances if it's like a Scorsese thing then maybe you know what I mean that's different like or you know what I mean like because he's just gonna get a bunch of actors because it's of who he is but oh Jesus out of my throat right there that was weird uh yeah that was maybe I'm getting all worked up I don't know what it is to be fair we were talking before this started I had just eaten the weirdest concoction of Buffalo and buff barbecue that I made it was at home brew so if in the middle of this podcast I
(19:54) just get up and leave because I'm exploding internally uh and that's that's my own doing um but anyway what I said if it was just loaded with stars it's usually a bad sign to me that it's not going to have like staying power like the story's not good but you you're only going because it's a lot of good actors so yeah I love what they did with this and I love that everybody was they were able to keep the core together for the long haul that was that's that's amazing it was just crazy
(20:18) because all of us wanted to be in their shoes and it felt so relatable well specifically for us for the millennial time because we got to watch them at that age and then see them like these movies were coming out almost every I think they came out every year except between two movies between movie like three and four and then like five and or six and seven or something they came out every year except for two movies that came out two years apart so Ellen Harry's 11 we're 11 Harry's 12 we're 12. right they do it at a pretty
(20:50) solid clip where like they didn't lose that they're at you know because they were literally growing up they were there was they were babies they were legit babies at the beginning of this so yeah it it was pretty awesome to see them grow up uh I don't wanna I wrote down some notes for this film and again we're gonna get to the draft the draft is going to be absurd uh writing all this down there was it was absolute bangers non-stop uh the prop draft the amount of items in this movie that are iconic yeah uh and it's it's like you
(21:18) know how you get like Pokemon cards you have first edition you know it's like first movie this is first the dish bro these are first edition props so to know where these are and that these if these are ever up for uh auction and everything like that like the stuff that could become available from this film iconic uh because of it's the start of the franchise that went so long and spanned so much and made so much so much money um but yeah we're gonna get to that draft what's cool to me is like some of
(21:45) these props at least some that I wrote down they come back too like oh yeah we don't even have to draft some things now because they're gonna be in later movies right which is going to be interesting so you will have the first pick because this is your baby so I that and that's also a fascinating thing that I want to say I mean there's there's I feel like there's an obvious one but there's a couple you know what I mean like this you're gonna lose something oh yes yeah and I I went into this and I had to free
(22:11) myself up and be like look I am not getting everything I love I know that I'm not bad what if I'm like uh what about the janitor shoes uh yeah what about filch's coat yeah yeah you can take that yeah thank you oh we'll get into that uh here in a little bit but we do want to talk about the movie a little bit uh I I don't I have things I wrote down that I don't want to call them gripes because because I don't want to get stabbed by you quite frankly but be careful there are parts of this movie
(22:38) that kind of fascinated me uh just logically and that's how I look at a lot of things yeah what are we doing here and I know it's a fantasy but it's a story I never really understood the like right at the beginning of the movie we're dumping Harry Potter off to his family quote unquote yes did they not know who these people were because they're legitimately trash human beings these are I had I I'm mad you're you're already pissed you're like what because because you and I in the past when we watched um when we
(23:10) talked about super bad we talked about how we aren't violent people and how like the only way to get us if I used to spit on us yeah but I'm not a violent person but going back and watching these movies I would drive a car through the dursley's house yeah like they are they are so vile and that that's on the acting because I get visceral responses hearing Dudley's voice hearing Aunt Petunia and seeing Vernon's face like the faces Vernon makes as he's burning Harry's letters or when he has this smug
(23:46) self-satisfying smile and he's like I love Sundays because there's no post like I I don't know looking down at Harry when she talks about how she hates her sister like those things I just want to burn their home down I don't understand yeah but I mean some of them I I maybe there's something that they knew that they were like hit this this growing up in this life was gonna make him be something different I don't know what that was they they was going to keep him safe right but I know because
(24:14) he was going to be a celebrity based on how how he he's the boy who lived but he's he was saved but my God what an awful 10 years of life like that is yeah and I wrote this is this has to be before like child abuse was like a real thing because they were they were actually abusing Harry it wasn't like physical abuse but he lived in like under the stairs and like it didn't even there's no way that he was he can extend his legs in that bed right he was in bed but he's probably like fetal like it
(24:45) just didn't make any sense that was crazy to me and the I just I was I was wrestling with the idea of like why wouldn't they just let him go like if you actually hate this kid why would you want to keep him around yes so you're hiding all these letters that you know you know what it is let him go bro live live your life with your son you don't need this stress in your life just let him go and but instead of just letting him go and read the letter and have have him ship him off to Hogwarts for free yes
(25:18) you uproot your entire family and move to a deserted island what I don't know what is that I want to believe they were getting some type of enjoyment in spitting on The Wizarding World and keeping Harry down like they were though those kind of people that they were enjoying that they were keeping something away from him yeah that's that's what I that's what I'm getting okay it just was that was crazy to me like it was it was crazy to just not let him get a letter but I get that like you're you're I could I could believe
(25:50) that for the characters but you're that stressed out whenever they uprooted and moved to like this how did they even get to that like Island there was like a storm it literally was like a pirate's like an old Lighthouse Island and I was like I don't understand why you would do that that just yeah I do want to say uh before we get past this if my child I have a son on the way my child ends up like Dudley I'm returning it immediately yeah I'm not I can't keep that that's a user error I
(26:19) gotta tell you that's the parents fault um they don't they're just born like that he is in atrocity yeah uh and I feel like I I don't wanna again I'm gonna it's I'm not gonna not spoil if you're if you're listening to this episode you're probably Harry Potter fan down the line don't we get like a little bit of redemption from him I feel like we get a little there's a moment it was a deleted scene that was oh it was oh my God I feel like I remember seeing it and
(26:45) I was like oh that was a moment but it's a deleted scene in movie Seven I think where they're all getting ready for their final adventure and Hermione does her stuff Ron does his stuff and then Harry has the dursley's move out and Dudley apologizes for being a little um I almost cursed yeah a little a little a little jerk yeah to Harry although I remember seeing that and I was like all right that's something but yeah I didn't know I didn't realize it was a deleted scene but that's that's
(27:12) crazy to me that yeah they wouldn't put that in there at all I feel like been a nice touch it it wasn't that long of a scene you could have just left it in the movie your movies are already this movie was two and a half hours long I was like wait I don't remember the first movie being two and a half hours long but uh yeah it was man 2001 that's my favorite thing about the books is if you stack them and actually this is a good point back to where you're talking about growing up with the cast the
(27:38) movies grow up with us too because they start off as like these Whimsical adventures and progressively get darker and darker and become these like these Mysteries like these genuine adult Mysteries but when you stack the books up it's like this big then this big by the time you get to book Seven it's literally like six of book ones it's it's kind of crazy so yeah I mean I wouldn't know I've I've I've started Harry Potter one when I when I was younger I watched or I I watched the movie and I was like oh I
(28:06) want to go and read the book I did that whole thing thumb through it and I was like nah boring I wanna I'll watch the movie again like that's always been my philosophy and this is yeah it sounds dumb like I it makes I feel like it makes me sound dumb but my My Philosophy has always been if the book is good enough I'll watch the movie when they make it like that's that's I myself I have a different philosophy because I'm an avid book listener like I do audiobooks a lot I believe in watching
(28:31) the movie the movie will 99.9 always be um not as good as the book I said right it'll be like it'll be like a bridge of the book right it'll definitely You're Gonna Lose a lot yes so I am a big fan of watching the movie first because I know I'm going to enjoy the movie and then listening to the book because then I'll appreciate the book even more whereas if I listen to the book then watch the movie I'm gonna be let down by things that's her I rather enjoy it and then take that step up then love it and
(29:05) then have to take a step down and that's a good that's a good thing people need to know I think they need to do that like especially if you're into books like I think that's that's an uncommon way I think most of them would be like I'm gonna read the book and then you know I mean like but that's a good philosophy there is like a philosopher's stone idea perhaps uh where you would you would definitely go see the movie first so you're not mad that you're missing out on all the little tidbits
(29:27) that that the book is going to give you uh a lot of my notes now that I'm looking at it kind of have stuff to do with the props but they do I mean there's a few like I guess when they're when they're at the it's it's they you finally see uh I was gonna say Rupert Grint uh that's definitely not his name uh Harry's at the freaking uh Nine and Nine and three quarters yeah he's trying to find nine and three quarters right and then he winds up seeing the Weasley family walk Walking just walking around
(29:56) and he's like okay we got to get there and he watches them just run into the wall yes I have which no one else sees no one else sees that's my thing no one else is seeing these kids disappear into a wall and you and and sure I can suspend my belief but there's actual there's just people walking past him like in front of them even as it's happening it's like they're just walking by no one's got it you've got to believe that maybe they either won its Enchanted like that whole section is or to which
(30:29) isn't the case because in one of the later movies the platform gets cut off and they run into the wall and actually get hit the wall and other people look at them they're like are you are you stupid yeah so but the other times no one no one knows yeah so my thought is maybe they think King's cross station is so busy like when was the last time you're on a trainer Subway uh uh like Long Island okay so one year six years five years you kind of I I mean in in New York it's a different kind of area but you you keep to
(31:03) yourself you keep your eyes on yourself and you try to avert your gaze a lot just because you don't want to appear nosy so you got to think maybe King's cross everyone's minding their own business it's really busy so if someone's doing weird stuff you're not paying attention to it anyway I can I can believe that up until the point where if I see anybody take off running in my periphs oh yeah you're running I'm alone why are they full sprinting yeah just walk in there I don't know the full
(31:29) Sprint is what gets me where I'm just like okay kid with a cart fine why the hell is he running and then I look like I don't know maybe I'm Different I don't know I no I agree with you it's it's very weird um I I mean do you have any notes real quick I I just don't want to spoil a lot of this stuff because it is attached we're gonna have a five it's gonna be 10 total props being drafted in this thing but yeah if you have anything we want to get into before we get into the draft
(31:53) a couple things okay um yeah one everyone needs a Hagrid in their life Hagrid just hyping Harry up right away just hey look you're gonna be amazing you're gonna be good like yeah he's Hagrid is just amazing I just needed to put that out there he's a yeah he looks awesome just a huggable dude you know what I mean like there's there's people I don't know what it is about that character obviously he's just massive right he's just a massive guy he's just a genuinely nice dude that you're like
(32:17) man you're my you're my dude bro like I'm gonna go out and have a brew with you have a butter beer with you he's like a golden retriever to me like the instant dursley dursley doesn't even know who Dumbledore is he just said something about magic and Haggard was ready to straight up take dursley's head off and he was like if you disrespect Dumbledore yeah yes loyal incredibly loyal uh I will say I I'm not I did I couldn't figure out throughout this movie if he was if he was genuinely awful at keeping secrets
(32:50) if that was like a character trait of his or he was doing it on purpose I wasn't sure if he was smart enough to do it on purpose or not you so you get to see in later movies what someone smartfully and artfully dropping hint is like in Dumbledore that is not what Hagrid is doing Hagrid was straight up I talk too much I'm viewing nonsense and I need to stop or later on you see Dumbledore and Dumbledore is just he he's oh God the stuff he does later on but no Hagrid's just I love him but he's
(33:21) like a dog he's lovable they're kind of dumb okay that was fair I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was like he was doing it on purpose yeah just kind of hook him up and be like look do little breadcrumbs but no he was just flubbing it the whole movie I was like all right yeah that's fine it still kind of works for him though I do have a point that I have to make because otherwise my wife will kill me okay um in the books and even in the movies too uh Harry's decision making is is
(33:45) pretty horrible like he's he's actually much more likable in the movies and the book he's he's a typical teenager and it's just like you're you're bad at this like he should have died many times oh yeah yeah like many many times over so I do have to say Harry's decision making is terrible that's fair but uh he he was following up though to be fair he was falling up uh and a lot of what happens is he's just like the chosen one right like just like he's got the plot armor
(34:13) of I don't know man you can't do no wrong I mean he does wrong things in the movie and obviously the books but he can't because obviously he's he's it's his freaking movie it's Harry Potter's movie he's not gonna mess up although he does mess up sometimes I guess I don't know I'm talking in a circle right now but yeah yeah and then I'm curious so this this circles around items or props real quick but um Harry goes to get his wand for the first time and this dude Ollivander he's a freak
(34:45) well he's a wizard I almost said he's a wizard but like he's just grabbing wands out of everywhere right he's just like oh try this one why is the wand that's the sibling to the so for people who don't know I don't know how you would know this Harry's wand is the sibling to the wand of the most evil wizard who's ever existed why is that just sitting on a shelf yeah no that's fair uh it did look like he was he went through a couple right he was trying it out and he's like no and meanwhile Harry is just
(35:16) destroying his his and he doesn't work he doesn't care this man's he does this for a living he's seen worse and then he's like let me try this one and he does walk to like aisle three just middle middle of the Shelf kind of tilted by box and he's like let me pull this one like there's nothing Discerning it from any of the other ones like it doesn't even it looks no different in the Box yes and then he pulls it out and he's like Yep this is the this is the most probably the most valuable one in
(35:42) the entire shop yeah are you kid if if if something happens and like the most dangerous person who ever lived and we know that there's maybe it's not directly related but like even just five percent related to them we're putting that in a vault or something yeah you're locking it up that's getting locked up yes like why is that one just sitting on a shelf it's crazy yeah and what are they I don't know you find out obviously in other other stories and stuff that Hogwarts isn't the only
(36:12) school on the entire planet it's the best one allegedly that they say right but there are other schools right you find that out especially like it later on in the movies when they're doing tournaments they are I'm thinking about if they talk about that in this movie so they're not no they don't they don't they don't mention anything other than Hogwarts in this one they say it's the best wizard school but they don't say it's the only one I don't think they don't mention
(36:36) that so they do leave the door open a little bit but yeah I just was wondering like what are the odds I guess Harry Potter had to go to that specific launch is that the only one shop in the whole world like that's what I'm saying like it's not but it's like uh it's like when you're going sneaker shopping in school like when you're a kid you didn't want Skechers which is actually great exactly so you're so like you're not you're gonna go to a specific places you want that so
(37:05) ollivanders was that Alexander's was like the Nike okay or or something yeah Alexander's is like where you go to get the best stuff so that's why they went there okay and then one more thing real quick I want to mention before we get into the draft Slytherin okay why are those kids so gross like they they oversold the disgusting factor of these kids especially when they're playing quidditch the the weird teeth kid that like really just looks like he eats humans yeah why do they I mean I get that that's the point they want to
(37:38) establish right away that Slytherin is the bad house right but like in reality it's just one of the four houses where a certain type of people go but it's not always it's not always bad people but in this it just looks like if you're a Slytherin you're a degenerate scum they definitely oversold that because every house is gonna have a mix of people every house is gonna have annoying people jerks cool kids it's every house is but they made sure a Hufflepuff looked like the the kids who
(38:11) were like the weirdos ravenclaws the nerdy kids gryffindors the cool kids and Slytherin are the jerks but like you you definitely know every house is gonna have that pattern aren't you aren't you a Slytherin no get out of here uh okay so if you do the Pottermore quiz I think now that it's been scooped up there's a website but if you type in the Pottermore quiz or the quit the Sorting Hat Quiz uh online you should take it it's actually kind of fun to figure out what house that you may be sorted into uh I am officially a
(38:42) Ravenclaw okay that's what that's what I've been uh designated to so I the thing is you don't even own it man like you almost sound like you fell into it like okay no I mean that's that's what I've been sorted now I've taken the test multiple times over over a span of multiple years like every time I remember that as a quiz I'm like oh let me go back and check that out again still Ravenclaw I I think it's it's it might be something to do with everything every time something animal related came
(39:07) up I was like Yo Animals let's go like it's amazing because you've already said a few times how you just like don't like books the thing is you do like knowledge you like I'm talking about this like uh I know it's like uh it's like a meme it's a meme now how women love astrology yeah and like now I'm I yeah I mean you're the one no you're doing it but it's just it's it's just Harry Potter or uh yeah Hogwarts houses yeah you're the Hufflepuff okay yeah I I am I don't know
(39:35) I don't know any you're the only one I know that's taking that test that's gotten Hufflepuff so which is weird because there was like this thing where people thought Hufflepuff is like where everyone lands if they can't put you into something discernible which I think is a dumb thing to say it's like the mission yeah but like no it's because oh you're not smart and you're not Ravenclaw you're not brave you're not Gryffindor oh you're not uh you're not like motivated or what's the
(40:04) other thing for Slytherin it's like motivated and like hard working and it's not literature yeah anyway so if you don't fall into those in your Hufflepuff what's the thing is like if you if you just put the names on a list and said Whit pick one of these I would say Hufflepuff because it sounds awesome I'm like some people are turned away from that I'm like Hufflepuff bro it sounds fun to say so when they came out with the Fantastic Beasts movies they finally gave us what the United States
(40:30) um version of Hogwarts is and what the names are for the houses I hated all of the names Ah that's not true I did all of them I hated I think three out of the four names so later on if anyone wants the United States does have a house it's called ilvermorny and uh the name's not nearly as cool like I don't know I think one's Thunderbird and that's the only thing I like okay I think that's like the only one Everyone likes a good Pontiac yeah there's nothing wrong with that uh okay
(40:59) so I that these are really all that I had to say about this uh I mean the Slytherin kids just creep me out in this film and I just feel like you've played the game right like the game doesn't depict them like that right they're just it's just you make friends you make friends with Slytherin kids that's what I'm saying they look like a like across the board there shouldn't be any biases that you go in and you're immediately just sworn to hate Slytherin but that's what these movies do though these movies
(41:23) Draco Malfoy tier one child villain bro absolute scum uh and he's evil Richie Rich evil Richie Rich oh that's a good that's a good one yeah let's not pretend Ron Weasley was a nice kid though yes he was a dick but he was very much a jerk um I'm happy that we growing up got away from that and everyone can enjoy like everyone being in different houses because they really did set it up to everyone hate Slytherin what sucks is because Green's my favorite color right and I was like I don't mind that like
(41:55) that would be really cool but if like looking at the logos and stuff I'd probably like but you know what I mean like it's weird it's it but yeah they they we've been trying since childhood that Slytherin is scum it's really that kid on the the really aggressive kid in the Quidditch match for me that really puts me over the top because he actually looks like he's uh Marcus person I think I don't know I don't know what his name is but he has the teeth of somebody who eats people I I don't know what it is
(42:20) it's gross it's disgusting like he's a zombie face I don't know what it is but that's what put me over the top I was like all right Slytherin never never for me so before we get into the draft because I know you're trying to get there I have a couple of bits of tin so that should be a segment just bits of tid all right visited so uh I want you to guess two famous directors who almost directed this movie oh what uh uh no no um guess two more and I'll tell you two more yeah Spielberg he they wanted
(42:57) Spielberg he had too many things coming who doesn't want Spielberg especially for something this grandiose bro I'm I'm glad he didn't get it though like it would have felt different and I'm glad he didn't get it so there's one more I think he recommended one if I read this right and that's who so guess one more oh God do I have another one I don't know if I wanna trust me go go and Stiller I don't know M Night Shyamalan young oh shoot was almost the director and then they went a
(43:30) different route with it Tim Burton no I so yeah so imagine a young M Night doing this movie that's scary I don't know I don't know if I would have loved that I feel like it was really weird for the later movies it would have been interesting for this first movie where it's a musical Adventure that doesn't work when they get murder involved then right yeah yeah for sure well to be fair the end of this film very weird uh very weird ending to this film uh and we I guess we can talk about that real quick
(43:59) the way that it goes down what's his name quiver I don't remember what the guy's name was yeah yeah quarrel uh quarrel um Walking Dead fans uh anyway the way that they go I I loved and I don't know this we can probably get into this now because it's not I don't think this is related to props or maybe it will be but Snape's Arc and you mentioned at the beginning of the podcast the way that they mislead you this whole film to be like Snape is the bad guy yeah and you're kind of not I don't know like the first
(44:36) watch you're like oh yeah it's Snape the whole time and it's not until again like now watching it back do you know who the bad guy is so you're watching him in all these scenes and you notice the things then you're like wait he was the dude that was he was always around he was he was doing some Shenanigans and you know what I mean and you're watching it but the camera and the director and everybody's like trying to get you to believe that it's Snape and to be fair Snape actually doesn't take the heat off
(44:58) himself at all all right he's weird not at all he's a weird dude um but he's actually the one trying to help them through this and that's very the the story arc of him not just in this movie but throughout the entire series incredible and and the way that ends really it's beautiful it's actually a beautiful thing and and it's just weird in this movie how you're just like this dude said dick like I don't I don't like this guy he don't trust him again it just falls into the Slytherin thing too
(45:26) he's like team sliv and you're like I don't like this guy that's what they say at Hogwarts I'm a big I go there frequent you know I used to spend my summers at Hogwarts and they'd be like teams live and they'd just go yeah how did you go from Ben Stiller like literally four minutes ago to then referencing dodgeball at this same time this is the magic bro it's the magic uh it's not just it it's not just in Hogwarts that there's magic okay oh I can't stop I'm on fire all right
(45:57) can we all right is that yeah is that it can we get in this Raptor now um uh one more thing guess how many how many spells Harry cast in this movie oh God just give me a number does he do any uh from my I don't I don't know I don't think he did no Hermione and and I think Ron does it Harry does not deliberately like he makes magic happen like he he makes no he made the window disappear yeah he does he does a couple of things like that he doesn't at least unless I'm wrong he doesn't deliberately cast say
(46:37) flick his wand he doesn't do any of that this entire movie he yeah he gets his he gets his broomstick to lift by saying up first try he's more like a I don't need a one kind of guy he's like I'll destroy myself yeah he destroyed Alexander's shop so he did like a couple of oh those aren't even he was just flicking flicking his wand he doesn't cast a spell like they're all learning Leviosa I don't think we get to see Harry try to cast Leviosa or if he doesn't fails yeah
(47:06) I don't know if he did he didn't he definitely didn't accomplish that yeah uh at the end we're not going to call that a spell but whatever he did to Coral to just make him disintegrate oh that's murder that is murder yeah and and he is celebrated throughout Hogwarts at the end of the film uh for murder just blatant murder uh and I get it it's the bad guys on the back of his head which is another thing you can get into that's extremely weird uh that was very weird to have that peel
(47:34) off and it's like oh yes I've been here how long was he there because day-to-day life for this Coral guy gotta be weird to have a face on your backside okay there's a lot of things you do that are very personal like I don't know do they talk to each other like how is that we're getting off this we're going okay that's weird to me but no uh Harry Potter murders a man and just with his bare hands yes I don't know how he does it saying that out of context makes it sounds so gruesome
(48:02) Harry Potter 11 year old murders a man with his bare hand the child goes to boarding school murders Professor the movie uh that's it yeah done and end scene I like it all right let's get into the draft there's a buttload of props we're gonna be talking for a little bit we're gonna try not to go over an hour but we're already we're gonna do it it's gonna happen yeah I say an hour 20.
(48:26) yeah an hour 20. sit down everybody drive around the block go to another County we're still uh we're still going to be talking about this movie but you dominated this dominated this movie you nominated thank you yeah thank you for just telling this you freaking crushed it bro uh no Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone you nominated this film you're the you're the the geek so uh well you're not I'm listen you're not personally geek you're geeking out about this no I'm I am a geek like okay well
(48:54) as long as you sleep later on on a preamble we have to talk about the difference between a geek and a nerd because I feel like we both have thoughts on this that's yeah that's an important conversation that I will come loaded to Bear uh and and willing to debate yeah we can do that for sure uh you have first overall in this film and honestly I wrote down I think 20 things this is a there's a lot going on here uh and what sucks is that towards the end I realized there were so many things that I stopped writing I was like I don't
(49:22) need it yeah unless something else came up which there were a couple more things my bar for click in the pen and actually writing yeah was so high I was like I we needed it had to be amazing for me to put it on the list at the end because there were just so many um we're gonna do five a piece this is tied for the biggest we've ever done I don't remember what the other movie was might have been Men In Black um that had just so many things in it that we that we wanted to go five deep but this is definitely a movie that is
(49:48) worthy of it twice I think I don't yeah I don't remember what the other one is I I'm drawing a blank but I I know this is this is the ultimate sign that the the prop Masters and the design team for this film did an amazing job at building the universe by building props and items that that are iconic and just look so cool and means so much to the film that we're actually going to dive in and do five deep so without further Ado which is one of my least favorite things to say if you really think about it if you ever you
(50:19) ever spelled that sentence out without farther Ado Ado shouldn't be a word okay that's weird there's a lot of things that shouldn't be words but that's another podcast we'll get into uh the podcast that shouldn't be words um which to be fair if you look at any word and say it long enough that I said my name long enough the other day and I started to believe that my name wasn't my name that happens that's a real thing uh yeah I feel like there's like a name for it we should look it up but yeah
(50:45) it's it's probably just called overuse or or name fatigue but all right let's get into the draft I don't want to stall anymore because we have to get into all this and I'm getting so first I want I I want to know where you're going first because it's really going to set me up uh this this particular moment because I think there's honestly like three salad first just absolute solid could be number one overall picks the thing is you're gonna disagree with some of my stuff and some of my stuff is hard we
(51:13) say this we say this and then our lists are like the exact same so true just do your thing bro it's hard for me because I feel like I own some of this stuff already okay now it's fine no but you don't okay you own replicas okay you don't own the absolute Bank plus we never actually just explain like in this fake room does it have the properties in it like in this imaginary room yeah does it have the properties at the movie like the prop has like your your okay element gun can you use the flamethrower okay
(51:46) because I I it's the movie prop okay we're not we're trying to be realistic about the props that the movie created it's not we should have I think you've mentioned in the past we should make a section that we we should take a something from the movie that we could use in real life like the fictional like the I don't know it it's not that it's it's you're taking the prop from this movie like right now in the real world this prop is at a prop house or it's in a collector's hands right now and we
(52:12) want to be the owners of that problem so what are you picking from this movie that's it that's what we do so I remember one time you picked what like a table it was like a green table because we thought it was like the computer you're like I want that table and I was like I'm pretty sure that was CGI but Hey listen you can have that table dude no yeah but no that's that's what you get we're it's reality it's the movies from the prop or the props from the movies yeah we're gonna have to make an offshoot
(52:38) yeah but anyway my first piece I love this movie there's there are very few things that instantly come to mind when I think Harry Potter very few things that you see that instantly make you think that's a lie actually there's a lot of things but for me as an athlete the golden snitch ah dang I really thought that was gonna follow me the golden snitch man the golden snitch like if you watch Harry Potter and don't want to play Quidditch you you just you don't have an athlete's heart and that's fine
(53:13) everyone has their own thing I'm a jock like as much of a nerd as I am and I love nerdy stuff I geek about stuff I have the heart of a jock and I instantly just wanted to get on the pitch I wanted to be a Seeker yeah and that's a lot of fun yeah it's not even even if you're not competitive and you don't like sports it just looks cool it's golden bro like what do you mean that thing looks awesome it's got these little wings on it like that thing is sweet looking and and it is he's just instantly goaded at that like
(53:46) he's just like immediately really really good at just catching things on a broomstick which is a great skill to have in the real world that's going to get them far I think in The Wizarding World yes I was being sarcastic uh but I guess in in that in that Universe it actually is like a really good skill so I I shouldn't be it is but unfortunately I spoiler it doesn't he doesn't go far with it dang bro come on man he's a big game game winner right up the game I will I will say his his he gets distracted he has a
(54:17) lot of stuff going on in his life but he is very much a big fish in a little Pond when it comes to uh when it comes to quidditch that's fair that's fair now see this is it this is I I have the three and now I know well I don't know for a fact you're gonna go where I Think You're Gonna Go I feel like now that it's sitting on my lap I have to take it and we were talking about it already in this in the podcast I gotta get Harry's wand it's the freaking wand it's the freaking
(54:43) one I can't not take it I honestly I I was I thought it could possibly go first and then the snitch would fall to me um but I have to take Harry's wand like you said it's got the twin phoenix feather in it it's it's it's his freaking wand it's it's it's amazing I don't know I'm not sure I'm not sure where I heard it it was it was in an interview but he used to break those frequently like they had so many of those like he would like drum with them on set because he was a kid and he would
(55:13) like accidentally snap them there's there's a lot of Harry Potter wands that I could have been put out there yeah but I want the one you wanted the scene where he's holding it and like all of a sudden light just like the the gods shine a light on him like oh yeah yeah I want that one so I got the wand you have the the golden snitch and now I now I'm gonna get mad you think so I might I I feel pretty confident I'm gonna get mad you think so there's a chance I mean there's still a lot of props so there's a little there's
(55:43) a little box but if you take the one that I want right now I'm gonna be disappointed I mean it depends did you I don't want you don't hunt for oh did you want to fly because I I know I know when this came out everyone was just so jazzed because like a new one of these came out every year and this year the uh the Nimbus 2000 came out this year and I know I was like those little kids at the window and I was like oh my God they never understood and I was jazzed up I wanted yeah yeah no I uh I'm genuinely pissed to you
(56:23) because here's the thing there's two like I could go one or one or the other I think impact on the movie I feel like it's they're both really really good and they're really cool nothing looks as cool as that Nimbus 2000 they they zoomed in on that logo so many times The Branding in the movie was like damn bro I'm going to the store I want to go to freaking Walmart and go to the broom section and buy myself a nimbus just to wipe the just to sweep the floors up like I I don't know I
(56:49) don't know what they did in this movie they did a such a good job at like hyping that stick of wood yeah up that and it looks so much better no one else has one for some reason I I totally forgot it's expensive I know I totally forgot that that whole scene I forgot like I don't remember it just disappeared from my brain where they went to the bank and actually got like this dude's loaded I forgot how I forgot he was absolutely strapped with money I didn't realize he was like that in the first book it's
(57:20) it's something that they mentioned because they talk about the currency in the book they have like galleons and sickles and stuff and they talk about that and they make an emphasis and then it just Falls away Harry Never After Harry buys like the first card of candy that's literally never he's never like splurging on a new broomstick he's literally gifted every broomstick he gets throughout the franchise like he doesn't buy his own stuff who's giving him that it's really like really weird how
(57:53) you know how like rich people get yeah just get stuff for free to get sponsored for some reason like you get Harry P ride in your broomstick which sounds a weird horrible sentence but it's sad you know what I mean in The Wizarding World you're like dude Harry Potter's on this broomstick I almost just left just saying just isolated that's a horrible sentence uh but I'm just saying it makes sense in The Wizarding World that there'd be like the Nimbus people like there's a marketing team in the
(58:20) Wizarding World that's like Harry Potter the boy that lives we must send him a free Nimbus 2000 like you know what I'm talking about they would do that for any athlete that's like no but in in in actual in actuality he's recruited like a freaking five-star athlete by McGonagall and she's got the uh she's got the scouter's eye bro she was like I see you breaking the rules out in this Courtyard but I'm gonna hook you up you're gonna be the coolest kid on campus she drafts him and then she gifts him this thing
(58:50) just like sort of like hey look you're on my team now represent right so here's the fastest broom on the market right now kid even though you could afford 10 of them here you go it just hardly seems fair to all the other it's nuts it's not not at all well I mean if we want to pay the win bro that's paid I mean if we want to talk about fairness like yeah Gryffindor is like the the pride and the nice kids there's a lot of nepotism did let's not even talk about Draco uh Harry's gifted the broom Dumbledore
(59:22) just straight up rigging the house cup at the end okay that was that was suss all right that was weird expectable to like every I was like in last place Gryffindor third place Hufflepuff second Ravenclaw and in first place Slytherin and they're all like yeah we did it whoa yeah but wait there's more Hogwarts 160 points you win just it's crazy that's amazing I don't know how you did it you got just enough points to surpass the leader oh my God it's crazy also you killed the man yeah it's it's
(1:00:03) absolutely crazy and not only like it wasn't even like spitting on Slytherin because everyone's like yeah you Slytherin loses I feel bad for Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff too I'm surprised that the following year Gryffindor wasn't the most hated house like for me everyone should have just hated after that it should have been 3v1 yeah oh for sure I would have been like that's bias if I've ever seen it that's horrible like I also don't really understand at the end of this movie the way that they're celebrating
(1:00:31) I I don't give a damn about the house cup what's the significance what do they get I don't understand they're so they're so excited they're so hype they're throwing their hats up like they had just graduated what did you win it's like um it's I don't know did your school have a spirit Bowl in high school I feel like a local thing I feel like I don't remember maybe that happening once or something like it wasn't yeah my high school had a spirit Bowl where it was like we had one
(1:01:00) uh local school that we were like specifically Rivals with for the last 100 years it was actually like not just just a hundo so yeah yeah so like every year we had something called the spirit bowl and there was a uh a football with years written on it and you could see what school won the spirit Bowl every year and who had possession of the trophy and it was pretty much it was just that it was just a trophy yeah I'd get taken pride in that but it's like I don't know it was really weird just to see the reaction that didn't seem like
(1:01:29) there was any other Stakes involved like they were like we need a way to wrap this movie up let's make it let's make it the Gryffindor wins the house cup okay what there was no real explanation of what it meant like I feel like the lore of the house cup they were giving points and taking points and all that stuff but like I didn't I didn't I didn't feel the weight I didn't feel the gravity of like what it actually really meant but yeah the celebration fell over again it's cool Spirit maybe I just
(1:01:54) didn't have enough school spirit when I was in high school they never I was gonna say because I remember in high school we used to do like the like Powder Puff where it was like sophomores for scenes yeah that was pretty fun that was fun yeah it's that it's just school spirit stuff all right I see it yeah but I'm not throwing my hat up for that all right I'm like oh we did it cool it's like summer yet you're the guy who at 60 years old is gonna be like oh yeah well in 2001 we won the house couple because
(1:02:21) of me like no I'm gonna be like yeah remember back in 2007 that one day and gym class where we played dodgeball and I won the game for the people playing toddler yeah that's gonna be me now that I did that with my voice I need some water thank you what is your We need oh we're still drafting I remember that now uh no you just reminded me I want some podcast merch I want a cup oh I you know what's funny is I set up on I believe Redbubble I set up an account for us we have we have purchasable items I'm gonna have to
(1:02:56) share that probably I made it never revisit it so you can you can get freaking cups shirts I don't know why we don't have one yet we should have at least bought them for ourselves but yeah maybe that's something we can look into we're gonna start I'll start promoting that link a little more um but yeah we got the merch bro we got the merch we could do pens yeah I mean we'll get there we'll get the merch rolling um okay but the draft though we've only selected three total things
(1:03:24) and we're going to ten uh let me pick my second pick now because in our conversation that we've just had it actually just changed um because I feel like you may be leaning away from something that I thought might you might be leaning into so I feel like I'm I'm sandbagging here to try to kick it down the line and maybe I'll catch it later on the back end I'm gonna take it because I love the absurdity of this fella uh I'm taking the Sorting Hat good I want the Sorting Hat I just think
(1:03:54) a Talking Hat it's great can never you can never be too you know what I mean you need to get some I don't know like your creative juices aren't flowing you're like let me put the Sorting Hat on and be like hey what's going on what do I do next and he just gives you the answers to life the thing is he can read your soul like that's the Sorting has more power than it's pretty op bro like it seems silly at first it's like oh that's a talking head no you put this hat on and it knows who you are in
(1:04:23) essence immediately it knows what kind of person you are like that's that's I thought it was a little weird that Harry was was was dictating the Sorting of the Hat I felt that was weird uh that he was in there just saying please it's not it is not something that is advertised a lot but the Sorting thing is almost a formality okay like it's you you genuinely could go and be what you want to be yeah that's fair well in Hogwarts Legacy you can pick and choose uh there's there's like fan fiction not
(1:04:57) fan fiction but like fan theories that like in in actuality like Ron I mean Ron's family was all at gryffindors but like Ron really like showed he was more of a Hufflepuff Hermione clearly was much more of a Ravenclaw and Harry is the Sorting Hat says is much more of a Slytherin right but they all kind of just landed in Gryffindor because right also I I will say during that Sorting Hat Thing now that I've picked it already that whole scene I get that they had to do it for brevity and there's a lot of kids there who's making it that
(1:05:27) list Hermione Ranger number one there's no alphabetism going on anywhere which I don't know it was really weird Hermione Granger number one they end with a girl who should have been at the top like it was right no what they did was they were like main character please main character please non-mincasy look guess what it's not just the main characters we picked some Rando the main character again like like the lyrics led to believe that all four of them or all three of them are gonna be right at the
(1:05:55) top four actually was Draco Draco was draco's before Harry so that's yeah that's four main characters and then they threw in one Rando they're like look see it's not just plot like they really dropped the ball if they had started with someone whose last name started with a then like did a Flash Forward literally saying okay let's start the Sorting Hermione Granger no no no no no no no that's weird no no no yeah it was weird I don't know who they made that list so I was just trying to
(1:06:25) figure out that situation but yeah I'm taking the Sorting Hat and we're moving on let's go all right um this is something that's more uh more lore based for me um uh-oh is this a deep cut on round three this is gonna be yeah I might foreign yeah I feel like every day everybody's forgetting a lot of stuff but if you're
(1:07:28) not telling me exactly what I'm forgetting then what is it what are you doing you know it actually gives me a little bit of comfort because there are a lot of times I think I'm forgetting something but I actually am not I haven't remembered all to actually tell you yeah you definitely forgot something that gives me a little bit of comfort to be like right this is worth wasting my time for a second versus wait did I forget I don't know if I forgot now I'm wasting a half an hour and it turns out
(1:07:53) I didn't forget anything okay that's fair so yeah that's not bad um okay that's that's a good pick uh I don't know if that was that wasn't I wasn't waffling between that yet I was on my list though it was I started because it is a cool part and it's obviously the first time you see Harry on a broomstick doing his thing um it's it's pretty important so I and again the way this looks I don't think it's gonna look that cool um but it's gonna be a piece of fabric and you
(1:08:24) might not even you might not even see it you might not you might not even see it yeah I'm gonna take the invisibility cloak it looks like you have to say like that you gotta say over here I have an invisibility cloak uh I've got one behind me this whole is that oh that's invisible oh yeah the green it's a green screen yeah it's just a green it's just a green piece of fabric that's what's crazy it they had to do it between cuts right or unless maybe they they green it was they
(1:08:49) might actually be just didn't agree the whole time yeah they put the pattern on it at first I don't know we'll see when the original switch Yeah the original pattern of it was sick like that I thought about it and that was honestly that was my fourth that's on my list is number four oh okay okay that's that would be something and again it is almost it's it's kind of like a creepers thing like right it's kind of creepy to be like I want that in real life like anybody who wants invisibility
(1:09:20) I don't know it's the extra Breath Right that really puts it over the top but like what are you doing with that power dude like there's there's nothing like I know everything's nefarious when you're invisible yeah there's nothing cool that's like yeah I went to the I went to the arcade and got to play a bunch of games from under my invisibility cloak because I don't know the only use I have for it that doesn't seem like you're a skulker or creep is like you put it on in
(1:09:49) Halloween and you're like look I was beheaded like that is okay yeah floating head cool yeah that's that's a cool literally the only use literally they only use yeah yeah or just traipsing around a forbidden Library I guess the the Restricted Section yes um but yeah I wanted the invisibility cloak uh it just it's something I like to say uh and it's to me that's pretty iconic with with Harry Potter it is and it comes back up right it comes back up later on in films yeah almost every almost every film okay
(1:10:18) cool cool got it good pick um I I'm gonna take this now just because I really liked it this is the lore based item uh okay got it I'm gonna go with Hagrid's motorbike oh when that came on screen that thing flies bro I was like that thing's nice so for people who don't know Hagrid's motorbike is actually uh different characters bike uh sirius's bike he comes up later uh I got you um but yeah he's borrowing it because all hell broke loose and he needed a Quick Escape so he borrowed it yeah
(1:10:58) um but yeah it's I wanted Hagrid's motorbike which is also a ride at Universal so you get to ride it it's a pretty awesome ride though that ride is awesome uh we were fortunate enough last time we went um man it's been so long holy crap um last time we went we were able to we stuck it out the lines were so stupid long and uh and we I'm glad we did because we got to ride it and it was it was a really good time there are a lot of rides there that I haven't haven't ridden that are new uh specifically the
(1:11:22) Jurassic Park one which on my world I don't know if they updated it but yeah you read that you hate Jurassic World okay you're okay that's right that's right we're gonna do this every every episode now until we actually give it but Dominion I stand by the most probably top two most disappointing films I've ever seen in my entire life maybe top one because I had expectations I don't know why I had expectations I think it's because the first word of Jurassic is in it but because it's a world film it only
(1:11:52) gotten worse and worse but all right let's get back to Harry Potter now I don't wanna I can't I can't ran anymore um so you got Hagrid's motorbike yeah dang there's some there's still some bangers there's a lot of bangers this could have easily gone to like 12 like easily yeah so like things are gonna fall off here um what do I have already I got the wand I got Sorting Hat I got invisibility cloak this is some cool stuff you got some your first two picks absolutely busted uh golden snitch in the Nimbus
(1:12:22) 2000. hey um you said you said I dominated this movie you started the draft yeah I know I just I did I did kind of set myself up for failure um what if I just picked the the thing the movie's name around you know what if I just pick the Sorcerer's Stone which to be fair is just a like a Little Rock I was gonna say look uh I had thought about it I really did um your thing when I make a pick like this and you always allow me to back up on it so I'm gonna give you the opportunity if you if someone walks into
(1:12:57) their room and looks at that on the platform are they gonna say that is Harry Potter's sources no because even when I swatched the movie this time and I'd seen this movie like you said probably a handful five plus times I was like oh it looks like that I'm still it's such a forgettable piece because it's like sure they're looking for it it's protected the whole film but you never see it until the very end and then even then it just disappears again like it's gone like it's like it falls
(1:13:22) out of his hand and then boom that's that's that's the only time I I will give you the same opportunity you give me do you want to keep the Philosopher's Stone I'm still keeping it though I I understand the implications and uh and I still think it's it's because it's in the title of the movie and it's the first thing and it's what they're looking for or not looking for what they're protecting and trying to find and like obviously the weird Voldemort back head thing is trying to
(1:13:50) find it as well there's importance to the film and I get that so I'm okay with like a little placard under it that just says the philosophers Sorcerer's Stone you know what I mean that just it kind of describes it because it's still an impactful part part of the movie it's definitely not the coolest and that's why it's slid all the way to round four it probably could have slid around five to be honest I it would have yeah that's what I'm saying like I I it's still it's I'm only buying I'm not buying it
(1:14:17) I'm only drafting it because of its impactfulness to literally the title of the movie it's hard to let something go this is this is for sure the latest anything that's ever been in the title of the movie has ever gone in the draft like if you look at Jumanji like there's no way that wasn't going first yeah Sorcerer's Stone no one cares but I I'm still taking it because it's in it it's what they're hunting for in the whole movie so I'm putting it down um I will say this is a slight segue it
(1:14:46) does resemble if anyone's seen the movie As Above So Below that movie strangely had to do with the Philosopher's Stone too I don't know why but they do get the Philosopher's Stone in the movie As Above So Below is that that's a cave diving movie yeah no that movie was wrong it doesn't let me backtrack for anyone who's watching it's like this guy is an idiot it doesn't have to do what the Philosopher's Stone has to do with traveling through hell and facing your fears and all this stuff but at one
(1:15:13) point they get the Philosopher's Stone and it actually looks a little bit like the Sorcerer's Stone in Harry Potter like now that you started talking about it it just right like clicked in my head and I'm like they actually look a little bit alike so okay I just had to throw that out there okay so now it's the last round things are gonna get left on The Cutting Room floor uh uh I'm curious to see where where you're going on this this is this is solely because I like it and this almost has no bearing on the
(1:15:43) movie like true fans will recognize it when they walk in a room and the only reason I'm taking this is because I know you're not going to take the other things that I've written down so I'm fine well I mean it's the end of I'm fine with this older guy bro no no no I'm fine with us both losing oh okay um I'm fine with us both losing this I'm taking the White Queen from the chess game at the end it's on my list bro no it's on my list yeah it is specifically the white statue yeah
(1:16:16) queen chess piece statue I was like that thing is cool looking bro the White Queen was doing work yeah but White Queen took out more pieces than I think anyone else it stabbed a few it twirled around and smacked one off like I want the 10-foot statue like the White Queen that's a badass statue for sure and it's it's massive so she's chilling like very cool yeah oh yeah the fingers intertwined that thing was that thing was pretty scary um I was a little confused on why Ron falling but he fell like what like five
(1:16:49) feet why was he knocked out I don't that was weird it was an explosion that was that was just to get Harry alone with freaking two-faced guy have you ever fallen five feet yes but I mean like come on I don't I I he didn't land head first it hurts but he was gone he was like he was he was completely and he wasn't even moving I thought he was dead but he wasn't he was dead there's uh oh there's a bit of tit with that so Ron oh one of the pieces of debris actually smashed on the face I
(1:17:17) saw it yeah he he actually got like bruised and like kind of slightly injured from that oh my God I thought that was like just usually that's like just foam stuff they did that was a piece of brick and that's a bit ridiculous I don't know all I know is it bruised him okay all right so that's pretty good I'm curious the other two things that you said I'm not gonna pick so we'll see uh I have one two three four things out of the ten that I initially starred are still available right now let's go so this is
(1:17:48) interesting one is huge and one was something I think I have to pick it I feel like I have no choice which sucks because I'm gonna leave some other gems out here yeah I it took me way too long to realize this was a prop in this film I was watching the movie and I was like just just trying to figure it out and it was in front of me the entire time and I was like wait that's that's pretty big I'm taking Harry's glasses yeah he's wearing them the entire film I literally was like it took me forever to
(1:18:22) figure it out it should have been one of the first things I wrote down because you see his face and you're like oh he's wearing glasses okay do you want glasses with the tape or without the tape oh I mean either way I don't know the tapes I'll give you both I'll give you both I appreciate your generosity that's fantastic within without tape they're like they're the biggest thing like when people people who Bare Bones just want a Halloween gift or a costume they throw on round framed glasses and
(1:18:49) draw a lightning bolt it's literally it and that's it Harry Potter that's it done so yeah I I there's no way I could have let that go I mean it it the screw it's more screen time than any prop gets the entire you know I mean it's every time Harry Potter's on on the screen it's his glasses for some reason though the book I think it's because I saw the cover of the book there's thicker on the cover of the book in the movie they're not as thick as I remember them I remember them just being really thick
(1:19:14) round glass they're not they're not that thick the frames but yeah Harry's glasses which to be fair it's the nicest thing his his crappy family ever did for him they got him glasses yeah they did that that's a thing so let's listen let's not slander that really crappy family no no where is slandering okay just because you do one nice thing they couldn't even his they were broken yeah oh they were broken yeah you're right that's fair uh okay so yeah that's rude yeah yeah no
(1:19:44) you're right and they're probably they're probably not even updated prescriptions you know what I mean like they're probably some old yeah they're Dudley's old glasses oh yeah hand me down see the Disney wear glasses it's like his gaming glasses computer glasses uh okay so real quick let's go down this draft and then you can tell me what what you what you were talking about and I'll tell you the other two other couple that I didn't pick and then we can we can wrap it up because we're
(1:20:05) almost at an hour and a half and we appreciate you guys still listening thank you so much you're obviously Giant Harry Potter fans or you like the way uh the noise comes out of our throat um which is not that's not a sentence people say that's weird um but scientifically it makes sense oh my okay if I mean yeah so yeah you could argue that us talking is no different than like dogs barking we just understand it like we're just making weird noises so yeah that's it I mean I've made a living on just making weird
(1:20:38) noises I think that's my favorite thing that I can do still mind-blowing you just like to hear your own noises you know what I hate it uh and I feel like I feel like anybody who loves hearing themselves is weird there's not a lot of people who initially would listen back to their like their the recording of their voice and be like oh that is so good oh God that's great it's taken me it's taken me this long to tolerate it uh I don't I don't hate it but I can I can hear it and be okay
(1:21:05) um but that's where I'm at with that so uh okay recapping the draft you've round one took the golden snitch I took Harry's wand you took the Nimbus 2000 uh I'm assuming Harry's Nimbus 2000 right not the one that's just in the shop because that's meaningless it still looks cool though I would imagine they're probably the same one they probably made one well you know a prop maker never makes just one so there's probably more than one but yeah that's pretty good so Harry is a nimbus
(1:21:29) 2000 I took the Sorting Hat you took Neville's remember all remember remember all remember uh I took the invisibility cloak see I gotta stop I don't know what I'm doing here you took Hagrid's motorbike I took the Sorcerer's Stone because of the movie uh and then you took the Queen the white queen chess piece statue absolutely massive uh you got some big props that with the motorcycle you you got some some space being taken up in your Warehouse uh and then I took Harry's glasses so I'd say for round five pick Harry's
(1:22:06) glasses I'm okay with that that's a that's a sleeper but uh overall if if the fans do a poll I honestly I think I win dude I don't know I feel pretty good that sounds that's incredibly delusional I don't know your first two you started off so hot I thought I was buried but to come back and take the cloak iconic the Sorcerer's Stone is the name of the movie which is again no one really loves it but it starts name of the freaking movie and then Harry's glasses that might level at least level the
(1:22:40) playing field enough that I think this is maybe a little bit but I don't know I might actually make my foot off the pedal going with Hagrid's bike but that's still a good pick that's still yeah I think that's still good the queen is really where I just was like I'm just going for me it was like a fourth of them one for me yeah like I well here are other things are on my list and why I didn't pick them so okay the deluminator I didn't pick because it comes back in other movies that's the
(1:23:11) first item that you see Dumbledore with that had a name I just put Dumbledore's light sucker it is the deluminator and I actually the reason I didn't is because I have green screens messing me up but I have a flashlight that is actually a replica of the deluminator so that's not grab it because of that uh Harry's Hogwarts letter I know you don't pick pieces of paper that was what that was that was one of my starred ones left over I was like it's iconic there's so many of them if I genuinely wanted like
(1:23:41) I genuinely could have replaced the queen for that and I would have won this draft completely probably yeah yeah you're right but I think I still think it's up in the air I'm gonna make this graphic and we'll put it up and just see people I don't know we'll have to direct them to them so if you go to at moviepropcast Instagram Tick Tock whatever we put some stuff out there that's pretty cool but uh Instagram will throw the poll up and and on Twitter as well we'll see what's what people are
(1:24:03) what people are into but uh yeah you had a couple more or no yeah yeah okay um I had Harry Harry's happy birthday cake his happy birthday Harry cake that Hagrid made for him yeah my wife wanted me to pick that she actually okay um Dumbledore was fly as hell like I had Dumbledore's outfit just okay written there his first one and then his house uh not his Hospital one his one right before the Sorting Hat ceremony for some reason both of those are fire to me okay uh Hagrid's umbrella Hagrid's umbrella's
(1:24:35) on my list yeah the how Hogwarts expressed like the first engine that says Hogwarts Express on it I feel like that was probably like a a small prop that they made at some point probably yeah some big ass one it was yeah if you go to Universal that exists like you can get the I don't know you call the first engine on a train but that yeah nine nine and three quarters ticket was pretty baller too I have actually looked really cool yes I own one of those actually though well sir uh we're all Muggles out here bro all right we're not
(1:25:08) living in that Wizard World I have Harry's trunk but I just showed you at the top of the hour I do have a trunk so I didn't pick that and then the mirror of error said um I have that that's another one that's that's starred for me is I feel like that was that that didn't get drafted it's crazy to me because that's that's obviously there's a crescendo at the end of the movie that involves that so that's that's a pretty big pretty big important piece uh the last one that
(1:25:34) that I didn't get uh well Hagrid's Dragon egg I thought it was kind of cool looking um but the other one I had starred was Harry's quidditch Jersey slash Road that's cool yeah I did not I did not pick that though but it's on my list and it was oh I know you could do it's Harry Potter man they're they're monetizing the crap out of everything you can buy you can buy the freaking poo poo jelly beans you can doo-doo beans whatever they are would you eat a chocolate frog I don't
(1:26:00) think I could if it was moving that's weird dude it is it's so normal for them there's no way I'm taking a squirming chocolate the idea of it just creeped me out it's like yeah I'm not putting a squirming frog in my mouth even if it's made of chocolate but they made it sound like the dispel only lasts a little bit like remember he's like when it jumped out of the window he's like they only have really one good jump so then it stops so if you just let it squirm a little bit and then stop so
(1:26:29) you're gonna eat something that a moment ago was just swimming in your hands animated uh I don't know man I'm not a big chocolate guy so I'm gonna chalk it up to that chalk it up uh yeah I'm not eating that it's weird uh outside of that I mean this is this is it man this is jam-packed this is an absolute thickens episode which is what the kids are saying on the street so uh I almost wish we went to 12.
(1:26:55) here we're not doing any more all right we went over we missed it's okay everybody's gonna be fine uh we have too much anyway I I don't have the space for all this okay it's a lot of picks this room never ends I know but like I'm trying to have a party later so like I just need like that back quadrant that's like I know like when you put more stuff down the room keeps extending because it's a magic room but like yeah I also don't want it to feel too big of a room because then it feels like the party's
(1:27:21) cramped like you know or it's not cramped but it's like opposite like there should have been more people showing up you don't have enough friends yes and I'm worried that what they're gonna think about this room they're like man they could he could invited so many more people does he not know anybody also I guess I should tell you you're not invited oh because I brought it up and I was like I now I feel like I need to dress it so I can't invite you to this party it was just literally just my birthday
(1:27:49) fine all right you can come Jesus strong arm to me no you're invited no I'm gonna send it I'm gonna throw a party the same day I'll never tell you you'll never know what the date is because I didn't send you the invite uh let's to have to I'm just kidding dude I would I would obviously invite you okay you know I would invite you this is now it's like it becomes it becomes we've just this is this is couples therapy at the end of the podcast guys we've gone too long on
(1:28:14) this podcast very clearly uh but we appreciate you listening this far or we are so excited to keep doing these and we're obviously I know Tyler's very excited to get deeper into the the Potter verse you could obviously keep going I can see it in you I'm trying to go to bed tonight yeah Yeah by Tyler solo goes into the Wizarding World just go live on our social media and just start rambling mindlessly um break I'm just gonna read from Harry Potter one to seven oh God I'm just gonna read the entire franchise live
(1:28:57) I would love to see you do that in one sitting I would just checking in here it is four hours later how's it going over there you're just your mouth's dry you can't even talk anymore I really hope four hours I'm at least a quarter of the way into book two I think that would be possible right straight you gotta imagine that you'd be churning through them I think pretty good yeah I don't know how long the audiobooks are though you do so you'd have to check that out all right we're
(1:29:22) gonna go guys we'll catch you next time on the old movie propcast uh not 100 sure where we're going next week so we'll or yeah next episode we'll just we'll see we'll see what happens it's gonna be crazy there's a couple options up in the air but will it live up to Harry Potter no no we peaked this is it this is this is Peak propcast don't don't tune in next time all right we'll see you guys later yeah love you guys foreign [Music]