Dec. 21, 2022

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)
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In our final holiday special episode, we follow up last year's 'Home Alone' with perhaps the superior film, 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.' So man classic moments in this one and so many iconic props, as well! Which get selected in the prop draft?

*Draft starts at 30:50*

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(00:00) [Music] foreign [Music] how to seamlessly get into this podcast we've done we've gone too far I've already sipped my beverage and now it's what the holidays we're it's part two right this is the second movie that we have both consumed and I don't know how many how many holiday movies do you normally watch in a season uh do we count all of the Harry Potters no is are you saying Harry Potter is a holiday movie are you saying it's not I'm sorry isn't there like nine movies
(00:45) or eight movies it's spam it is a Thanksgiving to Christmas movie and you can if people can go to bat for Die Hard you could go to bat for Harry Potter Harry Potter I think they celebrate Christmas and all but like two or three of those movies they celebrate some form of holiday I'd be willing to concede that to Thanksgiving but I don't know I don't know if if I can maybe like an individual one where they do Christmas in it or something I don't know the whole franchise every year this time of
(01:16) year every time Robert Pattinson dies in one of those movies and you're telling me that's a holiday tradition for you Professor Snape dies and Die Hard all right that's unrelated uh that's why I'm not advocating for die hard all right I'm just fighting uh against Harry Potter but maybe that's something we'll have to throw up and see if anybody wants to chime in that but there's so many damn movies no you everyone watching and listening you let us know at either the movie Broadcast
(01:48) uh what are we on at movieproccast on Instagram Tick Tock wherever uh on YouTube you can find us uh the movie broadcast on YouTube uh you can find us on there I think they're doing handles now on on YouTube so I think we're at moviepropcast on YouTube now as well so yeah perfectly move to handle so that's pretty sweet so yeah you can find us across the board at movieproccast chime in comment on this video or watch the full video huh the or movie I think it's just at moviepropcast I think I omitted
(02:15) the do we I think a lot of people just don't like the the right the the is that right no one likes the duh you let us know is Harry Potter a holiday movie I'm not saying specifically Christmas or Thanksgiving I'm saying it's a holiday movie it just makes you feel at least the first four or make you feel the holiday spirit I feel like that's pretty vague uh is would you consider Valentine's Day a holiday yes so the notebook's a holiday movie yes but okay I'm specifically talking
(02:47) about a Thanksgiving Christmas holiday I'm not talking about an Easter movie sorry I'm talking about I'm getting sidetracked here but you know what is a holiday movie for sure what it's Home Alone 2 lost in New York what does that have to do with anything that's literally the reason why people hit play uh they wanted to hear us talk about this film okay I got sidetracked we can do listen we'll we'll get to the Harry Potters all right that that's gonna be a 2023 thing all right let's
(03:15) dive into the Harry Potter's next year uh but for right now let's wrap up the holiday season Home Alone 2 lost in New York we did Home Alone one last year one of our biggest episodes obviously it's these movies especially people in our age range it's The Sweet Spot these are like you grew up with these movies ever not just holidays like these are just awesome movies like there's there's fun movies kids win uh and you we were kids at one point from from what I'm told I'm still a kid oh that's good yeah
(03:44) never lose that never lose that don't let the heartaches of Life bring you down I'm going back and now what went number one overall for Home Alone oh no it was me you took the mic you took the Michael Jordan cut out number one no no I didn't no I didn't really no that was I took the VHS the VHS number one yes remember I told you why that happened I gave a whole Spiel you were in the episode no I I was there I know you took it but I I'm oh I ranked the Michael Jordan cut out one no because you definitely took that I don't
(04:25) know why I didn't I think I did take it at one point but here's the thing what happened last year uh I had to give the explanation of that but we both went into Home Alone one thinking it was loaded right we're like oh these are some great stuff and then we came out of it we're like oh no they were all in Home Alone 2 lost in New York and here we are finally following it up because now we can get into the good stuff because there is some gems in here that I can I only associate with home alone I
(04:53) will admit this is the this might be the first time I'll go down admitting I'm upset I don't have the number one pick I I went into this and I was like it didn't take long for me to be like oh yeah I forgot that was here uh so yeah I what no I didn't forget I didn't forget it was just wasn't top of Mind there were a lot of other things that I was thinking about ahead of it and then I was like oh wait no we're gonna get to the draft in a little bit let's talk about the movie Let's talk about
(05:20) a lot of people like to to argue what movies like franchises and and trilogies or whatever they are this is technically there's a there's more than two home loans but in our heads six six in our heads there's really not let's be honest it's it's one and two and then maybe if you were On The Fringe you could count three I I was on The Fringe of that one I think I just I let that one go uh I can't three okay he started using technology that is pretty cool but it also wasn't Macaulay Culkin but it also
(05:49) would be really weird for this to happen three times it's super weird for it to happen twice twice yeah they tied that in pretty well I'm not gonna lie like I was wondering how they were gonna get there and having Harry and Marv like Escape to New York and then just see him walking down the street like that was that was pretty nice because I've I've had moments like that like I remember one time in middle school or high school I I've lived in New York I was in Baltimore and I was walking outside the baseball
(06:19) field and me and my family walking down the street and a girl from school was just walking down the street past me like we crossed paths like a movie I'm like what are you doing in Maryland right now like why are you here that's so that's crazy yeah yeah so like that Home Alone thing is actually kind of believable that they would just be like wait that's a that's a little brat so it's kind of believable right but it's also on the other hand I mean we already know they're really really dumb
(06:46) criminals right they're like the worst criminals of all time why would you go to like one of the most populated cities in on the planet where everybody could identify you money this is the 90s they weren't big criminals they were like little cat burglars no one cared about them that much yeah all right that's that but they were the front page of newspapers though in Chicago 's a small town no but I don't think anyone in New York is gonna be like wait a minute those are the wet Bandits they
(07:17) were they robbed three houses in Chicagoland that's fair that's fair the internet's not running rampant they're not they're not they weren't like a meme or anything you know that they could be identified by but like this is still a time that you could run from security to the front gate of the airport in literally what was it like 10 minutes very strange right that was a very weird just to see the inside of an airport obviously airports look like that they're super chaotic but to see an
(07:47) entire family run to a gate and just throw like their papers around like what I it's so weird that was such a weird experience it was like yeah you're going on the plane like seeing Kevin just talk his way onto the plane in New York he was like yeah my parents are on and she was like where's your ticket and he's like somewhere in this bundle and the guy was like all right kid we're gonna trust you you go straight to your parents no I know oh I don't know that that would have ever happened I think
(08:12) that I I know obviously wasn't in 1992 this movie came out so like if I wasn't watching it as at age two trying to figure out what's going on but I did I have seen this movie a lot when I was a kid I never questioned that but as an adult I think even in 1992 by their standards people were watching it going okay that would never happen like there's still it's still a child on a flight at some point Humanity kicks in I know that they she walked him onto the plane and was like he pointed and was
(08:38) like that's my Daddy-O that's when she takes the extra step to confirm walk him to the parent and be like hey what I don't I don't know it was really weird so early on I Didn't Know written down because obviously this movie started with like family trouble as it always does I didn't know written down that said at what point are the parents gonna realize maybe Kevin's not the problem like Kevin keeps getting in trouble all this stuff when are you gonna realize oh maybe we're the problem
(09:07) like we have to look at things then the airport scene happened and Kevin stopped to put the batteries in and then all that subsequent stuff happened I immediately x that out and said okay maybe Kevin's the problem too okay it is really dumb of him to just stop in the middle of it like what are you using that foreign but the dumbest part is if if my kid if I'm running and am I this is your direct kid this isn't like a niece or nephew like this isn't like you know what I mean it's not a secondary character here
(09:38) this is the you made this human being yes I you're in the back I'm in the back I'm in the back of the line and I'm making sure everybody is in front of me his dad was God he's like he's getting his dad dusted him yeah they tried really really hard to make it like oh the parents kind of care the mom was like I gotta make sure everybody's on and then the lady the works there is like oh don't worry everybody's gonna be accounted for and she just takes that and it's like yeah okay what don't worry
(10:08) man we'll make sure everyone gets on he doesn't know who everyone is yeah he has no idea who everyone is we're at no point are we trying to make an excuse for the mom uh she's dumb the parents are dumb yeah uh actually everybody is in the family everyone uh is pretty much dumb uh also the uncle don't oh boy I I so I Doyle and I don't talk before we do this podcast at all I had to take a moment to say Uncle Frank is still the worst character I've ever written like non-murderer non-serial
(10:44) killer non-homicidal character in the history of movies Uncle Frank is he outraged said don't ruin this vacation for me your Dad paid good money for it I love that he got called a cheapskate by the 10 year old too that's like that's hilarious he just called him out Kevin roasted everybody in this film and I loved it yeah and they all deserved it yeah he gave everyone exactly what they deserved and it was amazing so a couple things leading up to the uh up to the the flight or before they wind up leaving obviously they keep I don't
(11:22) understand how no one else sets an alarm there's only they everyone relies on one alarm in the house that's really stupid uh the the giving the tickets out in the van I ahead of time why uh I mean what I like the uh the teas they did because they were like oh no where's Kevin and he's in the front he was there the whole time yeah so then as a as somebody who has lost your child once before yes that shouldn't take your foot off the gas of the give a [ __ ] you know what I mean like you should still
(11:53) they're like oh he's in the car now that's it we've made it one step farther than last year what yes as I say like last year he didn't even make the van this year he made the van we're in the clear we did it we're good parents they're still stead like point B to C now like that was a to B good he made it 10 steps to the van now you have to make it from the van to the flight like yeah so yeah they obviously get split up some guy who looks exactly like his father diverts him he goes on the plane
(12:22) whatever they get and he winds up in New York I love how uh it's a 10 year old in New York and like again it's it's he's got he's crazy good with like making up excuses he's right he's a great liar he's unbelievably good at lying uh there's a he's got a future uh doing something I don't know I'm trying to think of like like what is he growing up as what is what is not Macaulay Culkin right what is Kevin McAllister growing up what's his job like because he's really good he's got a
(12:51) he's got a set of skills all right I don't know man like I'm just yeah he can lie he can lie he yeah lawyer is obvious but think of all the traps and stuff he sets this man this man's built different all right he he's I don't know I'm thinking like a Miss like like a hit man like he's like uh I don't know with only home equipment just saying he's just he's just such an accident so yeah so he's a Hitman but he only sets up home accidents he's somebody is there a somebody's job I
(13:26) know there's like you're obviously there's an insurance person right but like what's the opposite of that what's what's somebody that like causes accidents like to exploit Insurance because I feel like there's a market for that and he could be really good at it okay so you're you're mixing like freaking night crawler with I don't even know what yeah I don't know I don't know what that is but no he's it's just I'm trying to imagine him as an adult like
(13:48) and like if they ever went back and said true Home Alone three right or you said there's six I can't believe that's crazy but I'm just saying a Macaulay Culkin comes back to Home Alone the franchise he's an adult what does that look like that's like a an interesting thought I think they take a more serious tone like The Purge and he's an adult he's an adult and he has to fight off a group of people like The Purge wait so you're saying he's still you're just he's put away the whole
(14:20) premise uh you know he's home his family let's say his family goes on vacation somewhere he's he's home alone again and then the purge happens in Chicago and then Macaulay Culkin has to fight off so okay so you're saying you want Macaulay Culkin in just like a murder Fest yeah like so basically like the let's just pretend John Wick won is is how about this it's literally this movie but they actually kill people when they're supposed to die because Marv died they're dead bro they're both dead
(14:54) and they were dead they were dead in Home Alone one they were dead there too but they're super dead in this one they took it another level Marv died 10 minutes after their first meeting like three lines in Marv is dead four times yeah it's I I think that's part of the fun obviously is just seeing slapstick out like extremely cartoonish ways to basically kill people but they never die uh uh I've got it sorry okay Kevin versus his son so his son starts setting traps for Kevin and they kind of have like a back
(15:33) and forth take it to Hollywood all right right I I want to see Kevin versus his son because I have a feeling Kevin's son could get up to some dastardly stuff but why would he like like to the point to this degree where he's like no no no no no no okay just just holiday pranks Shenanigans Shenanigans and then they they get they stumble into actual crime and then they decide to take them into themselves we just met we have to right so the movie's called Home Alone together whoa what let's go all right tmtm uh we
(16:17) we've already it's already been we have it yeah it's already in the works so no one else try it uh anyway we should we should move on uh uh real quick before we get into New York two things that I like that they called back are well one thing they called back uh Kieran Culkin his little brother is still a bedwetter and hilarious he took his Pepsi away and he was like no you or his Coke oh that was a little thing about this one last movie was all Pepsi this movie was all cool I was given the paycheck
(16:48) but his brother's still a bedwetter that was great why was everyone searching for their stuff not in their room like everyone's stuff is all over the house apparently so they're like running where's my brush and you're running from your room in the downstairs why isn't it in the bathroom or in your room yeah that's that's strange yeah I don't really understand that I never obviously you think after the year before you'd understand how to how to get together for a trip I did think I did think once
(17:15) they actually got to their destinations obviously New York City is New York City but when they went to Florida the depiction of Florida is hilarious it's just non-stop rain thunderstorms and that once did you see the sun it was this only night time when they were showing Florida which I thought was kind of funny which is funny if you're seeing people not from Florida would probably have found that funny and be like hahaha people from Florida and been like oh that's actually kind of accurate because
(17:43) yeah it's like like growing up in New York Florida it was always like Disney in the Sunshine State after living there it's still beautiful but it does rain a lot and it's it could it could be a bit much sometimes I don't yeah I'm trying to I'm trying not to run to the whole movie obviously there's a lot we're gonna get into when we get into the prop draft that we're going to talk about specifically because there's a lot of stuff that that sees screen time I'm the toy store in New York City I don't
(18:09) know a is that a real store I don't know if that is or not don't control it looks like whatever it looked like it was their version of um oh no I had this the one TV toys no no no no the the one from Big it was there there was a very big toy store and I'm gonna get roasted for blanking out right now you're the New York guy this guy's the New York guy um but it's Duncan's toy store was not the real store but it was off of I just seemed like this movie would have done something like that where it's like
(18:48) every store it just keeps its name and you're in the movie that's that would be kind of nice but either way that toy store was pretty awesome uh I I'm none of those toys I think would occupy a child in this this generation uh there was not a distinct lack of Technology um 1992 obviously you're gonna get that but there was a moment there with I'm assuming the owner is Duncan this is the Duncan guy right the owner where he's at the cash register great Moment by the way it was a nice little Exchange
(19:19) Kevin McAllister's way too mature for his age Way Beyond his ears it's ridiculous it's actually kind of weird like it would weird me out if I had an interaction with him I'd be like excuse me sir uh I'm offended just just by talking to you uh but when he's walking away what's up with like The Disappearance of of Duncan what is it was supposed to be that like mysterious thing where like it's something they did in movies where like you're secretly talking to the owner but you think he's
(19:46) just an employee and you impress him and stuff like that so why did he disappear it's a it's a it's a Trope because it would have cheapened not cheapened but the moment would have been a little less powerful if he stayed there and he'd be like hey I'm actually the owner and then Kevin can talk to him again after that like they have that moment and they never have a moment again until Kevin writes him a letter so like I feel like it was trying to just keep that whole Kevin didn't know who he was and showed
(20:15) who he really what who Kevin really was and Duncan was very very impressed with who Kevin was because he wasn't trying to he wasn't in trying to press Duncan he was just being himself okay and they both shared a very similar interest in children I still think it's weird uh it was just it was so Random I did rewind it and I watched it again to just see how they did it because I at first I thought he literally vanished but they just they just knocked him out of frame and then and then pulled back and he was
(20:41) gone but it was it was well done because at first I literally thought he actually just vanished like because the camera didn't really move that much so it was a nice little move for them but I just didn't make any sense to me but I guess you're telling me that's a thing if this is like a true Christmas movie he would have like probably actually been dead and Kevin was talking to like the spirit of Christmas or something that's we're my Santa Claus that's what I mean most people's head goes where it's like oh he
(21:05) wasn't it was a ghost and then like all of a sudden we got ourselves like a supernatural movie like out of nowhere but then you realize at the end it's just the owner and he was just being a weirdo uh but yeah I don't know that that moment just really stood with me for some reason it was strange so uh anything else in New York I obviously the Florida stuff we we covered that was it they were in the hotel really weird Hotel like that was their vacation to huddle up in that weird Hotel I love the juxtaposition like you have Kevin a
(21:34) child by himself in New York with a luxurious room yeah and then his family just having the worst Christmas ever like they deserve to be perfect oh for sure oh 100 um how do you think I the minute Kevin lands in New York my first thought is how do they solve this in the 90s with no cell phones Kevin's 10 years old I don't know if he his parents don't have a cell phone the best they could do is he could call his house and like leave a voicemail but like yeah or on the answering machine um how how does this get solved this is
(22:09) scary yeah that's a hundred percent like he'd have to go to like the police and then like say who I mean he's 10 years old he knows who he is he probably knows where he lives like you know what I mean like that's that's a way that they would have to contact him but that's literally probably the only way and to be honest for him to go around the city for this long and not one single police officer get a little get a little weirded out and be like what's up with this boy just alone in the city like somebody should
(22:34) have stopped him right like I feel like yes if I'm not a police officer uh I would imagine that if anybody some of some of New York's finest would have seen a 10 year old just traipsing around the city you know it's like hey what are you doing kid question him once the cab drivers the cab drivers are driving all over New York and don't say anything okay the cab driver though at night oh I wasn't I was I just meant in general okay I meant cab driver at night was like that was a weird that was
(23:01) weird that was yeah well every situation that was another thing everyone he ran into in New York aside from the one bird lady was a creep like all of the employees were essentially creeps like everyone he has dialogue with obviously the people is like giving money to and stuff they're they're all kind people but like almost everyone was a creep aside from Duncan and the bird lady and even she was creepy at first I will say some of my favorite characters in the movie were the hotel staff like that's
(23:30) what I freaking love Tim Curry Tim Curry Rob Schneider were awesome great cameos yeah I love you Curry yeah would you even consider those like cameos in the 90s yeah no they were they were recurrent yeah it wasn't just like a cameo to me is like you get one scene and you're out so Donald Trump perhaps yes Donald Trump uh yeah he was in there for literally a half a second and just said he did have a speaking line uh and that was it so yeah that was a very strange that the fact that somebody in this movie became
(23:59) president and it wasn't Macaulay Culkin uh it was crazy to me as a kid I'd be like you tell me which one's gonna be the president it's obviously the Macaulay Culkin assassinator uh well you can't say those two things in the same sentence I'm pretty sure so let's just pretend I'm I'm reeling that back now but uh I'd say I'd say Macaulay Culkin for sure the most equipped to be the president of the United States I mean that's a no-brainer him or Tim Curry I was gonna say I I would I'd put my
(24:28) money on Tim Curry um Tim Curry I thought at first was gonna be like a good character absolute sleaze bag I love that no I I don't know why the entire stuff because when he like uh reprimanded Rob Schneider for counting his tips I was like oh okay he's gonna be a respectable guy and no why was he so weirded out to see a child in his Lobby I don't know like initially like right away he was like hmm he was just such a weird little boy yes I don't know what that was I don't know maybe I guess
(25:02) that's his style I don't know I don't know that's it's really bad throughout the film though I did think like every time Tim Curry was on this on the screen though like a he was great I just think the way his face was working like he just I don't that's definitely not his accent but it's like I don't know everything just kind of worked I just love that character and it was really weird when he was popping in and just like like what were you doing in the hotel room in that particular
(25:26) moment I don't know I everybody overstepped their bounds but yeah I thought it was funny I love when Kevin Burns him for that later on where he's just like you're never going to see my dad again would you want to see a man who walked in on you naked in the shop I suppose I wouldn't know it's like oh my God it was amazing that was Kevin was great the bird lady uh let's talk about her real quick before we get into the draft uh at first just a random bird lady in the park in the daylight you're like all
(25:56) right that's cool that's fine I can I can believe that it was the first the night interaction for me uh that was kind of strange where obviously he's he's this was obviously used this is the the scene where Kevin's running through in the night and it's like everybody looks really weird and scary and like he's running into the park and he gets his foot stuck but the bird lady just pops up says nothing just stares at a child clearly stuck screaming his head off right and not saying a word
(26:25) and then just like the the obviously if it's this camera work but the way the hand goes out and like looks like it's going to reach for his face and then all of a sudden she goes down what that was such a why do they do that they did it with the freaking guy in the first movie too the neighbor why they gotta have like a scary creepy person that just doesn't know how to interact with people and then all of a sudden they have an amazing conversation I I actually wrote that down like they just that was their
(26:48) plot vehicle it was like all right we're gonna have a misunderstood like the Boo Radley I maybe the director was just a really big fan of To Kill a Mockingbird they must be you have the Boo Radley who everyone misunderstands and then Kevin cracks their shell and opens them up and then they become the Savior and help them out and give him what he needs that's literally they just stuck to their formula they're like hey let's pretend New York City is Kevin McAllister's house so a lot of people I
(27:19) I read a tidbit about this was they were the director was afraid that people were going to consider this a straight up a reboot they weren't gonna they they were afraid people weren't going to think this of this is home alone one so they were actually going to redo another cologne scene in the hotel but they cut it they filmed it and cut it because they were like people are going to consider this a reboot and not a sequel so they try something you got to pick and choose your battle here you can't
(27:48) just do everything that that worked on the first one that's stupid but yeah but they just felt like this movie just worked better than the first one did too and I will agree with that this is this is a case where the sequel I think is better than the first one I think yeah I don't know where yeah I mean I don't know where you were on that but yeah that's I feel like 100 this is this one is just more fun there's it's way more over the top there's more there's more characters it just feels better than the
(28:16) first one obviously the first one laid the groundwork for this one and it is almost the same movie but the setting here is on a grander scale there's a lot more going on it's definitely a better like they probably wish they did this first I mean obviously the first one works but you know I mean like this style so they could do it another you know what I mean like they wanted they probably wanted to milk it again and yeah I don't know how much Macaulay Culkin got paid an absurd amount of money for this movie I think
(28:40) he got like paid four and a half million as a 10 year old to do this film it was the most who was killing it in the 90s then yeah I think it was legit the most I don't know if it still is today I mean nowadays I feel like everybody's throwing everything at everything but I don't know what would have overtaken it but four and a half million at 10 years old pretty good in the 90s in the 90s 90th early 90s yeah that's yeah pretty good money from what I understand if just thinking of Macaulay Culkin like
(29:07) off the top of my head like he was in The Good Son Home Alone Home Alone 2 and Richie Rich like just between those and I'm sure other movies I can't yeah Richie Rich was good though a lot of fun with Richie Rich like that's crazy I can't believe that that's wild yeah that's a lot of money uh outside of that I mean I don't I don't know if we have anything else I mean I want to get into the draft but do you have anything before we get into it yes uh so if we are re making this a reboot
(29:37) and we're ignoring the first movie The only thing I wish that was in this movie that was in the first is one trap the uh the burning doorknob that is the only thing that didn't come back but I love seeing Harry like tap the doorknobs because he's scared though they did show the scars so they did that was a good continuity effort there to be like oh just make sure you put the scar back on because he did get burned pretty bad in the first one but no they at least did that you still got the the McAllister M on his hand which
(30:08) is crazy yeah uh they're so dumb those guys so dumb and uh yeah we're gonna get into the draft right now I don't are you ready to do this I have the first pick I'm super excited let's do it I can't remember oh so I had the first pick last year too this is funny how this works I give you the when we do home loan three next year which I don't think we'll do uh I mean maybe maybe this is from there too yeah I I could go into every Home Alone knowing what my first pick is already that's good that's
(30:41) good but you'll never have it because I have first pick and uh and it's funny I don't know why I didn't I probably should have gave you the sequel this year but you got because you got the Grinch last uh the last episode so yeah yeah you got insert nothing yeah I'll let you win one this holiday thanks man thanks I needed this I needed this to get through the holidays uh all right so let's just go right into it uh right out the gate it happens you see it very early in the movie dude this movie was I
(31:07) feel like this movie was made strictly to advertise one product and it's the talk boy right the top boy is the most versatile piece of technology the 90s have ever seen I from the first 40 seconds in Kevin doesn't even have lines the talk boy has his first ah they probably paid a lot of money for that what was that uh T what's the T what is that what is the talk boy something that made it was the brand some of the T if they didn't oh no it has is it Hasbro oh no it was Tiger it was Tiger Tiger yeah Tiger Electronics
(31:43) and then it became Hasbro at some point but yeah that I I never always wanted one as a kid I feel like that's something that I just never could obtain like I never knew how to I don't think I've ever even saw it in the stores so I didn't have a talk boy but when I was younger because the talk boy looked like it was a little older when I was younger I had this it was white with a handle and it had a red microphone and you could put a cassette in it and you could speak into it and add a loud speaker but
(32:13) it was for like four to six year olds oh okay so you had a baby toy kind of I had like a baby talk boy and it was it was bigger like it was did you ever have like one of those small like remote sized things that was called like a yak back oh my God I'm looking at it right now these things are amazing I think I think I actually had a yak back I now I feel like I must buy one of these uh why just out of nostalgia I had I had the blue Yak back so like I'm gonna share the screen I'm gonna share the screen right now you can
(32:53) see it if you want to watch it we do record the full video podcast it's on our YouTube channel right now uh these are Yak backs dude I had one I had like three of these these things were awesome I think I had the orange one with like the music button on it um yeah if you on the left side like the top in the third row down I think I would want to yep okay I'm pretty sure I had one of those in one of these that's a yak back sound of sound effects yeah yeah you were rich man I just had the regular one that just says say and play
(33:21) on it but no these things are awesome for some reason and I think it's literally the same literally the same concept right but obviously the talk boy does a lot more but that's that's really sweet for me when I looked up Yak back the fourth picture down was Macaulay Culkin with a freaking talk boy yeah it's it's it's yeah it's it's similar it's same concept but anyway first overall pick I'm taking the talk boy awesome piece of technology and uh and yeah that's definitely to me probably
(33:47) the most iconic out of the film I mean you you win it's fine there's still some really cool stuff but that's that's a pretty heavy that's a topic yeah from a magnitude of that pick like I would have to take like four items to match that one item it's like picking the notebook in the movie The Notebook uh uh that's pretty much yeah yeah pretty so or Jumanji in the movie Jumanji which we've done uh it's it's pretty obvious even though this isn't this is this this toy is not called The
(34:14) Home Alone 2 lost in New York uh it's called a talk we we alluded to it going into Home Alone one before the movie started I typed in talk boy yeah and then the movie started and I was like oh not once where's the talk boy yeah I was so upset well here it is and it's not mine and uh you're on the clock there champ good luck I'm not I still got to talk about the talk boy because oh yeah no keep going he he fit so much onto that one cassette he didn't flip it over that's absurd yeah he fit all of his
(34:48) lines he fit his uncle singing and he always knew the place too like he always knew that's the most impressive thing is like how did like that was the toughest thing with cassettes back in the day it's like trying to find it but this man was like insta he was having full conversation oh no that was a TV thing but still the the song which I I feel like he left the bathroom earlier than that thing you know what I mean like he got a little more than I don't know there's a little thing the clarity of it
(35:13) too that was incredible and it was like he was it was like his uncle's right next to the freaking microphone I want to get one I want to get one and try it and just listen to how bad you wouldn't even hear it over the shower no all right all right I'll I'll let that go all right second sorry they're crazy expensive right now they're like 200 300 uh on eBay I looked it up I wanted to use my cell phone it's okay oh that's fine yeah that works Nostalgia I mean it only goes so far for me okay all right
(35:45) um so there's two things I think of in this movie I don't know why the second thing is is sticking out to me talkboy is number one the second one was another I don't even know if I want to call it a plot device but it got screen time it was brought back it was a symbol um I'm gonna go with the turtle doves ornaments oh that's good that's a good one turtle doves you got them from Duncan who gave them to his bird lady friend because it meant they'd be French forever they were on screen at least
(36:16) like two or three times so I'm gonna go with the turtle doves so that's that's a really good one obviously especially towards the end of the movie there's that sentimental moment with um does she have a name are we just calling her bird lady I mean I know she's in this movie I should look her up in this and make sure just pigeon lady she's that's what she's in yeah this is it like on the on the IMDb page she's pigeon lady which is great uh Tim Curry doesn't even have a
(36:39) name in this movie he's just concierge uh he does it's in the trivia section I saw it in the trivia section and I I forgot I know Schneider has one it's I don't remember what it was already but Rob Schneider had a name because he kept being obviously Tim Curry was calling him by the name but yeah pigeon lady uh they had a moment at the end with the turtle doves uh obviously somebody saves your life yeah sure we can be friends for life you know what I mean that's towards the end of the film his name was Mr Hector
(37:09) oh weird I don't remember him being called that I don't either but yeah all right that's fair uh so no turtle doves is a good one obviously sentimental it means a lot to the movie uh to the main character and it's a two of the deep like the deepest conversations happened with obviously Kevin and Duncan in the toy store when he received them and then Kevin with pigeon lady uh at the end disrespectful man find her name um at the end of the movie nice little beautiful moment where he actually leaves his family again
(37:47) their eyes off of this kid I'm handcuffing him to me like yes that's it you're on a leash the rest of your life but nope he slips away again and then the next time you hear his parents they're yelling at him what are the uh okay well actually so real quick sidebar the reason they're yelling at him I I look this up so the bill at the end for Kevin's room service 967 dollars in room service in 1992.
(38:17) it doesn't seem like a lot okay so what what do you think that is in 2022 negligible compared to the med the men that can fly 14 people overseas give me give me a number what was the number 9 900 something 967 in 1992. I was probably like 4 200 bucks oh wow you you think yeah it was two oh 2054.
(38:45) you made it sound like it was this crazy thing I mean it's still crazy two thousand dollars I would pay two thousand dollars I would pay two thousand dollars to get the service this man had he had somebody next to his bed scooping ice cream all right I'm not I'm not spending two thousand dollars for ice cream and pizza still this dude just flew his entire family down to Florida for the holidays 900 bucks I don't think it's gonna kill him all right I don't know to me he's he's got an absurd amount of money they have that
(39:19) house they got all that stuff I just think that that's I think that's not really that big of a deal not enough to yell at your kid that you've lost for the second time in one calendar year no seems pretty fair foreign I'm gonna move on to the third uh let me cross off turtle doves because obviously that's a really good that's a good one um this is when I'm I'm confused right because I don't know where you're gonna go there's one that I really really really want and when I think of this
(39:49) movie it's like one of the first things I see okay and there's another one that I think is probably less identifiable but does probably mean more to the movie I feel like I almost have to take the one that I identify because it's me I mean I'm picking this right it's not not about you guys it's not about anybody else I'm not trying to win a contest uh I'm gonna go with let me read it Marv's skeleton Google if there is any place that was that was auctioning that off I had he died this man died and kept his face
(40:35) hair that's amazing that's hilarious it was it was the seventh pick for me I'll admit it was down there no I'm taking it it was getting my guy that's a you have it and it has like the white beard and the white so it has the hair in the beard this man evaporated to Bone and hair that scene was crazy oh like Mark I I want to take a side to say Daniel Stern is Marv um was probably I lost it at the end when the birds are pecking at them and they're both like yeah they're both upset but then for
(41:12) some reason like 10 seconds in as if it's a delayed effect merger screams at the top of his lungs I wonder if that was like improvised at first and he was like they stopped him or like no no do that do that do that I didn't know you could hit that octave it was delayed like they're getting pecked at for like 20 seconds and then out of nowhere Marv is like oh wait I'm dying and then just scream it's just birds eating food off of you you're not dying like it's just I thought that was oh my God it's
(41:43) hilarious made this movie for me like any time that I almost like lost it it was always because marf was on screen he's so much better than not obviously it's Joe frickin Pesci like Joe Pesci is huge yeah but what's happening to them in this movie he's so much better it's like he's just so much more animated it's hilarious and and there were like I remember I remember scenes when I was watching this movie me that especially when I was young where I was literally crying as a kid how funny this stupid
(42:09) stuff was like I think it was like the door the doorstep staple gun stuff that like that like just yeah the the the sound effects that they used in that moment where it turns and it's like click I feel like you hear everything and he's like oh like that just those three sounds next to each other like if you just played them randomly I'd be like oh yeah that's when he gets shot in like the penis with the with the staple gun but no Mark's amazing in this movie Marv took four bricks to the forehead to
(42:38) start this movie Why is it dead like he should his skull is cracked he has a hematoma he's dead like that's it subdural hematoma Marv is dead just he wants him he walks up to the building and Harry's solo yeah it's hilarious ridiculous that's what's so fun about this movie that was like it's just it's they're way over the top like like freaking I don't know Harry explodes like he his head is he's dead his head so the entire third floor dude his head's on fire he dunks it in
(43:17) gasoline entire third floor just goes and then he comes back and he doesn't have any Burns it's just my beanie my little beanie cap got singed no that's again again his poor beanie cap again because I want somebody to just make a a like a real life version of this like it's still got the funny slapstick but they're they're fighting through the wounds that they actually would have received yes uh that's that would be a darker a darker comedy I think where I just can't yeah I can't believe Marv
(43:49) died like three times she acts okay he actually became a skeleton and that's again another scream his screams are incredible anyway I had to pick the skeleton because it's it's the talk boy but honestly when we were talking about it last year too it was like I would I couldn't remember if he got electrocuted in the first one or the second one but I knew as soon as I had the opportunity I was taking those bones bro because it's hilarious a small detail for me after he slides into the paint containers and his eyes are all
(44:21) closed one he opens his mouth his mouth is covered in paint I don't know but he committed to the big yeah that was his tongue covered in white stuff I I don't know I was an actor if I do that his eyes were bloodshot if you go back and look it looks like it looks like they just I don't know if if maybe it really got in his eyes but his eyes were bloodshot it was I love that that's that attention to detail that we that we deserve you know when we're watching a children's what is this a
(44:51) children I don't know a comedy I don't know what this is it's not really children's movie I mean there's some swearing in it there's you know there's some stuff but yeah it's it's a very strange category of film it is um my pick there's a lot of good stuff here um I'm not gonna sigh only because I'm not concerned I could I heard it was an inaudible sigh that pause was all I needed to hear no it's contemplation because I could just straight up Rob you oh that's fine and and that would be
(45:28) it'd be a little mean but then I'm not getting what I think I really want like I could do a spiteful pick or I could just take what I actually want okay um but I'm going to take what I actually want I'm going to take the operation Ho Ho battle plans okay I think you've got the battle plans last year and they're going battle right next to you they're going up next to each other I'm I'm gonna take the operation and I paused it it said it he had the paint cans it said operation ho ho ho
(45:59) right taking the battle plans I this is again if we talked about it last year on on Home Alone one when did he have the time to do this I even more even more so than last year right he was on the clock like on a timer he was also on a timer this year too but like he was in an unfamiliar building yes he ran back to the house at nine o'clock like I paused it because the bell rang it was at nine o'clock you're not telling me that he had multiple hours for this like this didn't happen at like 11. I
(46:36) wish they did a second spot where you could see what the time was well at midnight was when they he they were in the toy store so he set all that up before midnight so he had three hours yeah so he probably but then you got to think travel though like he probably realistically had to two two hours to set up all of that where did he get that just set it up that just set it up draw that battle plan like that draw the air draw the battle plans where do you get the character it would have taken me an hour alone to set up the kerosene
(47:14) rope to set up the I couldn't even set up the uh the the podium that he had on the Rocks the pedestal the cement like the three paint cans with the big column and now we're gonna do that an hour to do that I don't know yeah I don't know man I don't know he's he's super human as I'm telling you he's got he's built different this kid is built different and uh and we need to recognize Kevin McAllister he's got to be like I wanna I wanna see a follow-up to him it doesn't even have
(47:43) to be home alone I just want to see like they were watching Jack Reacher but like it's Kevin McAllister so there was something called like driver like d-r-y-v-r yeah d-r-y-v-r-s drivers uh Macaulay Culkin apparently like comes like brings the Kevin McAllister character back or something like that right but I want to see him like as like an assault human being like just like a just like an Unstoppable machine of death I just feel like that fits DMO for for Kevin McAllister especially with all the childhood trauma he went through
(48:16) there's no way he doesn't grow up and and just be like the thing is we're like glorifying him what if he turns into like a really terrible person oh yeah oh it's 100 possible like there's there's a definite that's probably more likely yeah he is a terrible home life he is really good at killing people at 10.
(48:36) like hey hey it doesn't nobody really died but every single act that he did would have resulted in death every single trap he made would have killed a person okay so you have operation ho ho ho uh I have one more pick and man I see I wasn't I wasn't all in on that because I felt like that was something they could have omitted he didn't need I feel like he didn't need to have another battle plan like it looked it worked in the beginning because he knew his house I think it worked a little less in the sequel for
(49:08) unfamiliar territory and the time restraints where do you find writing utensils in that house that house was obliterated what they said they said it would I think there's being Renovations done well that house was livable yeah I had the exact same thought like they're like aren't they in Paris because their house is getting renovated that that's not an animation no that is a house that was that was in shambles yeah that's can they must have been hoarders and like legally had to like had to leave the
(49:36) country like I don't know what that was but anyway sorry uh that I'll I'll get back to my list here ah there's there's okay so there's three here that I'm into and I know we're gonna have leftovers because we're only going three a piece so yeah I think I we're both getting a good third pick I feel like I feel obligated this is another one that probably isn't on your list uh but I feel obligated to take this one based on my draft last year okay and I'm gonna go with
(50:13) angels with even filthier Souls I was gonna steal that I was 100 gonna steal that though that's the one okay that was the one because they do it again they do it again I 100 I even looked it up I wanted to know if they actually made it I don't think there's a physical V the last one had a physical VHS this one had the box I know for a fact yeah that's all I needed that's fine I I don't know if they made a physical because the last in the first movie you could like take it and play it and stuff I don't know if
(50:44) they did that for this one give me the box and I'll put it on a VHS I feel like in 1992 they probably did that to get it on the screen you know what I mean they probably I'm assuming they had to do that right I forgot you thought that was CGI no yeah okay you just put the thumb drive in no no for sure so so I'm taking that obviously I picked it first overall last year and then I I a Year's Savvy I learned to now let it wait a little bit you weren't as high last year I was gonna steal it from you this year okay
(51:13) it's fair that like I said it was I'm either gonna take what I want or I'm gonna be spiteful and I decided it's Chris cheerful and it's Christmas yes it's Christmas so I let you get it so it's only fair you get your two battle plans and I get my two VHS movies which again they're hilarious and the scenes that they're used in I don't know again the sound quality coming out of the TV apparently is realistic I don't know how they're it's believable by these Hotel
(51:38) staff but uh the uh you're smooching everyone even Cliff everything happens no it's not true so this tape this this clip that they replay has one of my favorite lines to just say randomly and I don't know why I it stuck with me and I do it all the time and you know Nikki I do it to Nikki more than anybody because he knows what I'm doing and it's like he appreciates it but and there's the intro line that's in there when he pulls out the gun right he's like I believe you but my Tommy Gun don't I
(52:13) don't know why that's like that stuck with me so like anytime somebody says something he's like me I believe you but my Tommy Gun don't and I just say it and it's like only Nikki it seems like in these scenarios is like laughing because it's like he he recognizes it but it's I feel like you say it to anybody and you'll be like what was that from that was from something but again this is another clip from a fake movie that they made to to kind of reflect obviously movies of that time but it was like a
(52:39) I don't know it's like satire it's like they did it it's fake it's satire within a movie doesn't make any sense like it's literally they made those clips to be in a movie only and I never never released I think that's still really cool what blows my mind when I was looking at like tips about this movie they had people like legitimately audition for those specific roles like you had to audition for that yeah which is it's crazy that's get on your knees and tell me you love me
(53:08) there is little bit innuendo there I was I was alone that that threw me off a little bit maybe yeah but either way uh it's a kids movie and uh it's okay to just pull the Tommy Gun out and just light somebody up point blank in a room but with a Christmas tree right next to you yeah it's the holidays what's it what that's what it's for so I'm taking that VHS I appreciate you thank you uh for letting me have that that's that's your gift to me I have so many I have so many things to pick from last pick you
(53:35) can only get one I have so many things I'm just kidding I mean there's one thing that I could pick that'll just be you walk in the room you're like oh I know where that's from or oh oh yeah okay never mind I think I mean I have one of those too so now I'm thinking it's probably uh or I pick something that's less obvious I just really liked but you know what I'm gonna impress people I'm gonna take the Chicago Sun's times cover that's the one wet Bandits Escape it was either that or the New
(54:13) York Times what what is it like the uh they they did like a New York Times one afterwards but yeah I didn't I don't I didn't see that one I don't think I wrote that one I just wrote the one that slaps on their door at their house that's like yeah the wet Bandits which again how the family should be no like you got to know that that's happening you should be keeping tabs on these clowns that try to kill your kid uh yes you got to know that that's happening uh but but yeah no the newspaper was I was high on my list
(54:40) I just didn't it didn't you know you don't like single sheets of paper you don't I'm not a paper guy you know you know me um but no it's a good it was it was that's what I was fighting with on the last one though okay so it was I get fighting with you barely fought you immediately took the angels and filthy I knew I had to leave with my I had to leave with my VHS but that was the other Contender at the time so you at least have that but you don't have the talk boy so I said from the beginning I knew you
(55:11) were winning this one like you might no matter what three why are you Shilling Starbucks right now we're not anybody watching the video I just uh drank out of my holiday cup because it's the holidays all right Stefan relax go ahead um I I don't care what you could have taken talk by talkboy1 giving me picks two three and four and I still wouldn't have equaled up to your talk boy and I probably still would have got the same picks that I would have had because you said the skeleton was pretty low on
(55:47) your list though too so yeah yeah I mean let's switch it in that let's just pretend that happened so it's easier on you oh no way it makes it worse never mind let's just this is it the draft is finalized uh let's run it down you get one good one good thing hey you suck no I'm just kidding no you're gloating right now I'm not gloating I'm just excited this right now I'm feeling all right I'm just it's very rare that you concede in episode you know what I mean like that
(56:13) doesn't happen often so let me just relish this moment this this was one this was one when I took the Grinch I I essentially conceded this movie when I picked Grinch oh yeah yeah for sure I would agree with that yeah that's 100 uh so all right so let's go run it back I picked talk boy one overall you picked the turtle doves again fantastic pick uh I picked Marv's skeleton second second round you pick the operation of ho ho ho uh pairing it with your operation whatever the other one was I don't
(56:42) remember what was called back in the day but it was his battle plan from from Home Alone one so you have both and uh I picked angels with even filthier Souls what a great sequel name so it's angels with filthy souls and then angels with even filthier Souls what an amazing uh a set of VHS tapes to just sit on a shelf and never use you know I mean it's a VHS no I know for a fact you have those you're watching those every Christmas they're like 30.
(57:09) they're 30 they're like two minute sketches and you know what they did you know they did more than that right you know they probably filled more scenes I want to see the bloopers not from home alone too but from the movie that they filled filmed for home alone 2. I want to see the bloopers with the guy that'd be hilarious uh and then you pick the wet Bandits escaped newspaper which is featured prominently on the movie poster uh it's at the very front of the movie poster you see in the background um Empire State Building I think that is which we didn't even get
(57:37) into he's on top of the Twin Towers in this movie obviously I himself by himself that was obviously it's it's it's it's weird to just see the Twin Towers in general considering everything that's happened but to go back and be like in 1992 a 10 year old can just wander up to the roof by himself not another soul up there obviously it's for the movie right they were just like let's have him on the top of the thing how did he get up there in the center yeah how did he get there alone those are the yeah it's insane
(58:06) yeah uh anyway sorry uh newspaper great pick to wrap it up uh leftovers though what do you got for leftovers I have some juicy leftovers so um I'm not even gonna do them in any particular order yeah Kevin's backpack because it had K Mcallister on it but it just like it got a lot of screen time and he used it a lot it just didn't feel juicy enough for me I wrote that down with full expectation for me to pick it at the time when I saw it because I was like oh he's got this that's his bag his
(58:38) whole movie that's his bag but I was like no there's other other things popping I I didn't write it down but I also wanted his outfit because I genuinely remember like the green and blue yeah that jacket and everything yeah I that's like the Home Alone outfit like I can vividly remember that without watching the movie I almost wrote that down um the golden cash register at dunkins sick no that was awesome it was like an old school classic cash register but 24 karat gold for some reason that was
(59:08) awesome yeah yeah it didn't it didn't outweigh what are the other stuff but it was definitely on the on my radar out of nostalgia I genuinely remembered the cash register and I I was torn that was one of the pick that almost was my third pick because I I remember that and then number eight was the chest of money for the Children's Hospital that would have been pretty cool to have a chest of fake money which is pretty sweet um that Mars broke into so I wrote down uh plane tickets any on any one of them
(59:38) maybe Kevin's playing tickets again piece of paper but yeah it's a uh it's a plane ticket uh the leather backpack you mentioned and then I wrote down Kevin's Polaroid Spectra I didn't write it I forgot why but I looked in and I was like that's a good prop I have one of those so I actually have a Polaroid Spectra because I I found it at Goodwill like I used to just like if I re every time I found a Polaroid camera at Goodwill I would buy it I'd be like oh these are sweet if I didn't already have
(1:00:03) it right so at one point I had like 12. wow and and I was like what am I doing with these so I want to I think I wound up giving them to my brother-in-law because he was like into into the photography and now who knows where they are but uh the Spectra is really cool because it like it pops up like it's it folds down and then like it's pretty flat and it pops up and I just he was using it in the film um but that was something I was that was on my radar but it wasn't there I'm surprised that the Spectra was there but
(1:00:30) the two photos he takes of Harry Harry and Marv breaking into Duncan's I probably was gonna ask for it I was probably gonna be I was gonna be greedy if I did have to go there but the the photos of them in the stores is is pretty good too like I was I probably would have if I asked for the camera I would have been like sir it's the holidays please can I have the photos that were taken with the camera which is also another question why are why when right before you started throwing number X off the building why were they asking
(1:00:58) for the camera it's not like it was a digital camera yeah there wasn't film inside of it he knew that it was a Polaroid why was he asking for the camera I would have been like sure take the camera go leave why wouldn't you just give him the camera you won right there that's I don't know why they would have thought yeah I don't know two things that neither of us mentioned that I actually I was doing like props or research um the bricks that Kevin threw at them are actually on auction on some prop
(1:01:28) websites yeah like foam they gotta be like foam bricks they're not really right I would hope so because if he took real bricks to the face yeah that's impressive um and the letter that Kevin wrote to Duncan is also online somewhere I I remember that at the end and I almost wrote it down but I was like no I'm not picking it again it's just another one of those things I'm not gonna pick why did they take the Rope down from the roof and just not the stairs they probably didn't want to lose
(1:01:56) eyesight you know what I mean they probably should have split up one stay one go type deal like you know what I mean that that's probably the best move but they probably just didn't want to lose eyesight of the kid you know you go back inside you who knows where the kid's gonna be whenever you come back downstairs so not that I'm like a child murderer expertise I'm just saying it sounds like it I'm just saying right the logic there is I'm Not Gonna Take My Eyes Off of this little kid
(1:02:21) which is that when I say that out loud it's weird yeah that very all right so that's our podcast listen listen all I'm saying is if I was trying to murder a 10 year old all right okay wait let's get out of here sorry I just keep doubling down uh no let's get out of here uh let's enjoy the holiday season of what's left of it and uh if you're listening we obviously always appreciate you guys listening and we're excited to come back next year uh which is what we can say now we'll see you guys next year
(1:02:51) um no it's it's 2023 is going to be obviously 2022 was amazing for us we did a lot of awesome things uh specifically just hanging out with the prop store and we're trying to do a little more with them in the future it's going to be pretty cool uh but yeah it's gonna be a big year for I think both of us uh personally and professionally and uh it's gonna be exciting I'm excited this has been fun and I don't know why I'm talking like we're wrapping it up I mean that was a
(1:03:15) full calendar year we just did that was it yeah we did pretty good that was solid that's that's kind of crazy now we get to do it again but this time even bigger bigger and this is where it's just montages like the end of 22 Jump Street it's just yes even bigger and it's just every other movie that we do all right no I like it I like it which is for some reason we're in a like police chase down the highway doing a podcast which we did 22 Jump Street that was earlier this year on on 2 22.
(1:03:48) so yeah just go back play back our greatest hits we'll be back in the beginning of January with some more bangers and we made a promise on this podcast that at some point we're diving into Harry Potter so that's at the very least a tease for maybe one if I don't know if we can hit them all in one calendar year that might take every episode uh but we will I think we will be diving into the Harry Potter World which is going to be pretty sweet well I bet you will be drafting a lot of sticks if just a lot of twins and sticks if at
(1:04:17) this point after a year and a half you don't think I'm a nerd now Harry Potter is gonna just completely out me like it's gonna be disgusting I'm excited for that we might we might have to do something to where I'm not allowed to talk too much because that will like I could do three hours on each don't worry I'll just keep doing what I do and cutting you off by talking all right so hey hey just keep in mind just keep status quo don't change anything up but we'll see you guys next year thank you
(1:04:45) so much for listening and uh and have a great holiday yes have a great holiday love you guys thank you all for the support that's a firm love you I'll say it every every every holiday because like I did it this time last year too like I I feel good around the holidays I love you that was listeners the listeners yeah they've just turned we've turned them away they've already yeah yeah all right see you guys [Music]