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New to Podcast and it’s worth it

Love the dynamic and chemistry of the podcast and how they cover the topic. Keeping it super engaging!

Love it!

You guys are great together, enjoying the Inception show. Still don’t understand it all but this helped.


This podcast is the best thing I never knew I needed!

Fun and Creative Idea

The drafting of movie props is and interesting and engaging way to listen to a film review. I love hearing these guys banter!

Creative and great!

As a radio broadcaster and podcaster myself I know how important it is to come with creative and engaging content. This podcast has it all. Creative, engaging, funny, informative, and the right length. Especially for any pop culture and/or movie buffs. Highly recommended!

Entertaining takes on Movies we love!

I love listening to these guys and their take on our favorite flicks from the past. They are hilarious and quite insightful….. they don’t miss a beat or the smallest of details! Fun listening🤣

Great Podcast

This is a great podcast. The guys are really funny and informative. Definitely worth a listen.

If you want a new podcast look no further!

Always trying to find a new podcast to pass the time. I’m so glad I did not pass this one up. Can’t recommend this enough! Great job!

Good Stuff/ Creative

These Guys are very creative and funny, also bringing thought provoking analysis, good stuff👏

Without a doubt


5 Stars

These guys are awesome!

Love it!

Great listen and super funny

Great new podcast!

Lots of good info, these guys are very charismatic and love their humor! Will keep listening

These guys are great.

One of the best podcasts I’ve heard! The love they have for movies and funny banter makes it a must listen.

Worth the listen!

These guys are great - funny and charismatic! They’re my go-to car ride podcast


Absolutely loved this episode .. can’t wait to binge the rest !

Excellent stuff!

Love these guys sense of humor and reviews. Definitely makes me want to see these movies all over again!

Awesome podcast on movies

Came across these dudes and it is just awesome! Can’t wait for more to come out! Their energy and entertainment keeps me listening to more.

Unique and Entertaining Movie Podcast

Such a great idea to use the props from the movies we love to facilitate interesting and entertaining conversations about those movies. Loved hearing the interview with someone who makes props in the industry and hope for more in the future. Can’t wait for each new episode!

Love these guys

One of my favorite podcasts!

Great Job

These guys do an awesome job. Keep up the great work.

NOT another a movie Podcast

Want something that’s funny, entertaining and a great decompresser? This podcast! Love listening to it in my free time. Highly suggest!

Not your average movie podcast

These guys have such a unique thing going on! Not only do they dive into each movie, they setup a draft and choose the best props from each film. Super engaging, relatable, and all around fun listen! Excited for more to come!!

Looking at movies in a new light

Enjoy the Propcast very much. Can’t wait for future episodes; excited for them to have other prop creators on the show.

Creative View on Movies

They watch and talk about these movies in a way I haven’t seen before. As someone who loves movies, I am definitely a new fan! Keep it up!

The Podcast for any Movie fan!

Absolutely love this podcast. What a great thing to listen to for any movie lover. Also brings back so many nostalgic memories from seeing these movies for the first time.

Another Movie Podcast, But Still Fun

There's definitely a lot of movie podcasts out there, but this one is unique and fun.

Lot of fun, great energy

These dudes are awesome. They make it fun to listen to, love their energy and the knowledge on the movies at hand. Looking forward to more

Movie props!!

I love movies! I love great/funny movies props! My ear holes have never been more satisfied!!

New look on Movies

Just started listening but I love the way they look at movies. They are clearly passionate about it and I am very excited to follow them. I hope they look at the new Matrix coming out as well. Definitely worth a listen.