Jan. 24, 2023

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)
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We're back and ready to kick off 2023 with 2010's 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' starring Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and SO MANY MORE. We break down this movies turn into a cult classic, the star-studded cast, and so much more!

*Draft starts at 24:40*

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(00:00) [Music] give a give an intro okay here we go what this this will be a broadcast so now now we're a quartet or what's a what's a quartet with only two people a Duo test that's probably yeah that's right I was just joking that I said it and I was like no that's actually really close uh it's a duet uh no it's 2023 now uh and we don't have a budget for intro music anymore so that's that's the intro music so yeah we lost the rights to our music actually if they're listening to this
(00:51) right now they've already heard the music so that's I've lied I'm a liar uh but nothing changed in 2023 good got it yes this is it we're back and uh it's the movie propcast and it's the same two that you've always uh always listened to and loved so much that you decided to come back again uh and you click Scott Pilgrim Vs the World which is which means you're a cool person and we like you uh I don't know you know what I mean like you can when I'm watching One listen to
(01:17) a movie podcast and I know you're the same you listen to some as well yeah you skip some right I mean I'm not messing with that movie yeah but they didn't skip this one all right they listening to this right now which means there's a very good reason for that is that because this is a cinematic Masterpiece okay so you say that you ingest but no I'm curious like you say that in jail just I'm gonna get on my high horse for a second the techniques that Edgar Wright used in this movie if you just like if you break
(01:51) them down and look at them isolated his use of transitions his use of like if you look at behind the scenes on how they made things happen this movie is genuinely like I Masterpiece might be too high of a thing but like when you want to learn about editing a movie and making things flow this movie is so technically sound it's disgusting for what it's supposed to be it's I think I think I know what you know where you're going on I totally agree with you and it's a hundred percent I think when I
(02:20) read I was reading up on it it's used in in film classes as like as like like you did an example to look at and be like this is something unique and different and and it's and they they're obviously it's a cult classic now but when it first came out this film nobody was nobody was watching this movie uh I I remember sitting and watching this movie and thinking this might be the best comic book made movie rendition I've ever seen great Summer's like a graphic novel to film I I tend to agree this is like it's so it's super
(02:54) fun it's still got the vibe of a graphic novel novel novel and uh I don't know I guess there's a b in there somewhere uh but no it's not I feel the same way I think that's what's captivating to about this movie is that you can sit down and watch it and like eat like that's my again my wife is not super into this movie but I think it's because it it's it it spits in the face of every other cookie cutter film right or it's like this is it you're doing this and this and then oh a little adversity and
(03:20) then you're out this literally is it it does stuff to your eyes I don't know maybe that's it but it's like there's a lot going on but it does it in a way that just makes it feels more special I don't know but again I never I didn't see this in theaters and neither did a lot of other people because it flopped in the box office it was a box office flop they didn't even make their money back in the box office worldwide which is insane because every five years I get like Scott Pilgrim back like I always
(03:49) get Scott Pilgrim anniversary stuff on Facebook I always get it on Twitter they've redone like the steel book for this like three times like people love this movie now and it's actually kind of crazy no it's it's on Netflix right now too I don't know when you're listening to this but if you're listening to it immediately it is on Netflix I know they go through their catalog and throw a lot of stuff out a lot so if it's not on there now I'm sorry that you listen to this too late 100 your fault uh no but I
(04:14) love this movie and I obviously I have a wall of movies behind me it's it's in there I mean it's it's I'm happy that it's in there I own the digital copy too which I haven't touched the the physical in a while I feel bad but but no I I do I love this movie I picked it up and it's just I don't I don't even know if I if I saw it before I bought it I think it was like one of those movies that I got and I was like I think this is it looks good like I wanna I wanna try it out but I
(04:38) never wound up seeing it in theaters which is weird I don't even remember it being in theaters that's what what I think I still have the movie ticket for when I I should have grabbed that I think I still have the movie ticket from when I saw this movie in theaters this is one of those ones that like needed to be by word of mouth and I just don't think it got the word of mouth like I I don't really remember the promotions for it when you look at the cast it's absurd that this movie didn't that flopped it
(05:02) flopped in the box office granted it's it's early in a lot of their careers that will go down that list in a second but still like it it aged so well and I think that the cult classic might even be because of the cast and and how they've developed and come and wound up having ex like very successful careers outside there's an Oscar winner in the cast and there's a freaking superhero in there a couple of them a cup I was gonna that was gonna be a lot of them I was gonna say we have I was going to ask you
(05:31) to name them off without looking we have no less than seven superheroes in this movie uh wait six or seven I'm not saying the actors I'm not saying the actors I'm saying like characters because some people played multiple superheroes so no you're right you're right there's like six but before like talking about how much they love this movie I actually I don't have much bad to say about it like most people would say like oh the graphic novel is better than the movie which in this case it was
(06:03) but that doesn't mean this was a bad movie my only gripe is that they took the time because Scott Pilgrim Vs the World well Scott Pilgrim the franchise because versus the world is just the name of one of the books the franchise is like a six book series six or seven book series if they had taken the time to flesh out the stories flush out the stories yeah and make this like three-ish movies I would have loved that it would have been there's there's just so much they didn't get to miss they still did a great job with this movie
(06:37) they're getting some of those background details would have been so good they flopped hard at the box office they were never seeing a second one the way they crammed everything in this they couldn't have anyway yeah okay that's fair I mean that's I guess then in that case good job because if they would have left a lot of stuff out a lot of people would have been like damn there was something there and now it's not in the books they do like one x per book maybe two x's in some books so if they had done like a
(07:05) movie where it was like 2x is one movie 2x is one movie then like the last three in the last movie I would have loved that am I doing great I still think I mean for a two-hour movie it it does kind of the pacings obviously it picks up a lot and but it also is done in a creative way where it's like a transition you don't even know how much time just passed right like it's like things are happening and you're like I don't even know what year it is anymore but it's whatever it works though it it just
(07:33) the way that it is done on screen it's not choppy it's not bad it's not Justice League uh yes sorry that was a shot I'm just saying it's not that was a hard shot you didn't even like Veil that that was just street it's not Justice League uh no but that's that's it like if you're if you feel like you have a lot of information and a lot of stuff you need to cram into into your movie first off great job you picked a good you picked something good that you have a lot of resources and can put it in and
(07:59) they didn't omit anything they wound up actually tying everything together and yeah it does kind of feel a little rush at the end but I I feel like like I said visually it's okay it's fine everything kind of works out I do have a question and if we're talking gripes I don't want to gripe about this movie because like I said I've defended it against my wife forever uh and I swear to God she loves this movie uh as much as she tells me and complains whenever I bring it on or it pops on she's like oh God this movie
(08:26) I think she secretly loves it because you know it's one of those movies where you're like I'll look over my shoulder and I'll be like what's going on and she's just she's not looking at her phone she's like she's watching it and like you know what I mean like you come you can't it catches you it catches yeah it's like I don't know what it is and I was gonna make a point that I made during super bad and then I realized there's a common denominator between the
(08:47) two which is Michael Sarah but like the dialogue in this movie and the dialogue and super bad for some reason it's something that you just end up listening to every word because dumb stuff is said at such an interesting Pace that like it almost doesn't feel like a movie it feels like real people talking yeah and I think that it might just be Michael Sarah's secretly a genius that in my okay so I didn't get into my gripe and that this isn't a gripe but I'm just wondering how this how different this
(09:17) movie would have been if it wasn't Michael Sarah yeah you feel like Michael Sarah had to be the one here or did he did he Elevate the movie or like I I Michael Sarah is such an interesting actor where when he's in a movie it's like I don't know I don't know okay I'm gonna say something weird and very contradictory to itself okay it shouldn't have been Michael Sarah based on everything he had done up into this point it should not have been Michael Sarah especially if you read The Source
(09:45) material because Scott's like this womanizer like this aloof womanizer who's dumb but always gets into fights who's still kind of cool at the same time none of that screams Michael Sarah no no but he elevated himself to fit the role and I think also the writing kind of moved it a little bit I don't know I don't know again I don't know the source material but it's not it's easy to not look cool when you are dating a 17 year old and you're 22.
(10:16) right like that that is like like sure you're womanizing but you're not you're like holding hands and playing like a freaking DDR right is that or whatever they were playing I don't know what game that was but that wasn't a very amazing relationship for you to be like oh look at him really I mean it does suck that he did that and we obviously you know you've watched you've watched the movie at this point yeah technically he cheated but like I I don't know and that's all justifying that I'm just saying
(10:41) that was hardly a relationship I mean it was for for knives but I don't know he was just not into that that and that is that is a center point of like that all happens in the books so that all the stuff but the womanizing goes deeper like they briefly brush on him and Kim having the past where that was a long thing they briefly brush on him for some reason dating the hottest musician in the universe of this book you wonder how that happened that's dug into a little deeper so Scott's pulling women for some
(11:12) reason and then you see Michael Sarah and you're like is this believable it's he's got a very interesting demand and the fight scenes and everything it's it it looks looks weird when Michael Sarah does this stuff yes but again it does it's the way it's shot and the way you just your your disbelief can be suspended because while it is live action it doesn't feel like a live you know what I mean like it does a little bit of both the bounces back so you could be like it's kind of cartoony
(11:37) where you could be like okay Michael Sarah might be able to do this in this world so yeah I'll allow it here uh but we we mentioned Michael Sarah let's just get down the list man this the the cast what's up I I'm interrupting you I want you to name me at least five superheroes in this movie five superheroes five superheroes from other stuff there in this movie it could be a duplicate actor well so I'm saying I can only really think of I mean obviously you have Chris Evans in there all right who's Lucy he's
(12:11) obviously Captain America yes uh why am I thinking of uh Human Torch boom that's two all right that's two okay and then Brandon Routh yeah is Superman yes and he's also what's the is it Atomic something no what's his name he's the Adam he's the Adam yeah he's the Adam is he a third though I don't know he's a third I don't think he's a third he might be I don't think he's a third day I don't know I feel like he was all over the place there but uh and then we also
(12:41) have Brie Larson yeah Brie Larson is uh Captain Marvel yeah that's five right there and there's still there's still I don't know who else is left that's it that's what you're saying I don't know who else is left so the Hendrick play a superhero at some point I don't know so there's one that's hard um in another movie that I personally don't think was amazing but um Mary Elizabeth Winstead was the the huntress in Birds of Prey oh yes you will not count this as a superhero but she was
(13:13) also in the movie Sky High another very underrated technically a superhero though right that counts she's not name brand but it's there and my favorite Cameo of cameos Thomas Jane was The Punisher okay well yeah for sure no that was that was a good one back in the day let's let's get down this list real quick and just name some things that pop obviously Michael Sarah's there Kieran Culkin [Music] he just snuck up he is tied with um Kirsten Dunst for three uh three movies yeah yeah he was I don't know
(13:47) wait what was I don't know what the third one was we just oh we did two home loans uh Anna Kendrick randomly the sister in this film uh she obviously has a big career and Aubry Plaza plaza plaza I don't know uh Parks and Rec Fame but yeah she's doing a lot now uh I'm not seeing I'm not seeing a lot of newer stuff she's in that I don't remember that show that's out right now that everybody's talking about but I think it's on HBO I don't know but she's she's doing a lot of big stuff right now
(14:14) uh Mary Elizabeth Winstead is it has done a lot of other things like you said she was in um birds of prey but I again I've seen her a lot of other stuff as well uh Jason Schwartzman is somebody that I I look at him and I'm like I swear to God I've seen this guy anymore in so many things yeah and then I click on it and I'm like I don't know where else I watch this man I feel like I've seen him and doing other things I don't know he's around he's around a lot yeah uh where else I'm going down this
(14:41) list I don't know why they're not really oh so obviously Chris Evans is in there it stopped me if I'm skipping over other people here uh Brie Larson's in here Brandon Ralph is somebody that at the time was big because he was doing the Superman stuff and then he wasn't doing the Superman stuff there was a lot of weird stuff going on there but 2010 um that's that's right around I mean that's in the peak of the MCU early at the beginning of the MCU Chris Evans and Captain America that whole thing kind of
(15:10) kicked off at that exact time so these kind of coincided I don't know that it helped the movie that much uh at the time I don't even know that he was super marketed in this moment he was it technically is a cameo but he's a character he wasn't even I can't remember him because I remember marketing for this movie it was like a surprise it was like uh okay like like you didn't know it was gonna happen like Tom Cruise and Tropic Thunder sort of deal okay well don't don't spoil Tropic
(15:37) Thunder because I do want to get to that down the line it might happen in 2023 but that's on my list all right okay we'll get into that one for sure but it was that yeah anybody else in this movie that pops out that that is worth nothing I know there's a lot there is a lot through being famous but like I just know like Chris Webber I think his name is or Mark Weber uh Stephen Stills he was in snow day and I just love that movie growing up yeah I remember that one that was funny like using that and that's that's really
(16:07) it for me all right uh real quick 2010 uh I I had not met my wife by then and uh and I had a pretty big crush on somebody in this movie uh one of these actresses and if you allowed just you can Venture I guess uh I'll give you I'll give you one one guess that's it that's all you get I'm gonna guess Brie Larson no it was no it was Mary Elizabeth Winstead I I don't know why at the time it wasn't just her in this movie but again I saw her in some other stuff and I was like I don't know why I'm so
(16:37) fascinated she's just a fascinating person and I don't know why I'm like I was like captivated at the time I was like this is amazing she's beautiful so I've watched this movie and I've watched another movie and just a few other things similar to like the girl who doesn't want attention but still ends up the love interest how I don't think I could find myself chasing after Ramona because of how disinterested she seemed like never never until like maybe 75 even when they start dating it still seems begrudging
(17:12) to her she was like uh well I guess we're dating now and it's like could you like see but it is nice to hear that though like that is validation like especially I mean early days of dating it's like are we are we is this a thing like and you're afraid to ask you're like you're just going on a dates and you're like I don't know if we're like exclusive or not but she was pretty upfront like I'm okay with that she said it but she never seemed like she liked Scott there were glimpses like there was like
(17:40) [Laughter] there's like moments where she smiles and she does this but then there's times where her die like and she did a great job playing Ramona because that's how Romano was supposed to be and it wasn't her being a bad actress whatsoever but like it I was just like are you actually interested right is was what that's fair and that's and that's I guess that's part of the Allure right it's like that's a mystery there like what is that like yes I don't know I don't know why
(18:10) that to me that at the time I was like you're you're feeling that you liked it yeah I was like I think I love her I don't know it's crazy again that was a time of my life I was literally throwing the L word down to anybody like I don't know what was going on lesbians yeah oh yeah which look uh but yeah he's like damn it I said lesbians I I gotta say like this is one of my most quoted movies like between the you have to say the L word lesbian the other L word lesbians like me and my wife
(18:42) quote that bread makes you fat we quote that all the time yeah just like we we quote the heck out of this movie it's it's really good no 100 it's definitely good I do have a question for you so in in this movie one of the earlier times Scott meets Ramona he throws a package into a garbage can can you guess how many takes that took for them to get there because you have the number I mean I don't know like I I do I do have the number they did that scene they didn't like CGI that or edit it they made him
(19:16) do that until he threw a package over his shoulder into a garbage can he did it enough times no that's awesome uh I'd say 37. 33. oh okay all right I don't know I just was picking a number but no that's that's that's about right I I feel like I feel like that'd be pretty easy to get in like a few tries it wasn't really that far right it was just like a heavy book it looked like it was like a and you just kind of threw it over the shoulder yeah and it's such a it's such
(19:43) a short shot like to to dedicate that many a lot of times yeah 33. that kudos to two yeah the team there was was patient and I respect that that's pretty good yeah uh one thing that I I before we get into the draft because again there's there's we get into the draft year probably a little bit and then we'll you are going to pick first you picked this movie you'll have first pick and I'm actually genuinely intrigued uh where where you're gonna go I didn't rank them either so this is going to be I didn't
(20:09) rank them either it's gonna be a mess I'm staring at this and I'm like God I don't know where I want to start I'm glad I know that first in this movie but again there's there's some cool stuff and obviously stuff that's on the screen for quite a bit but we'll we'll figure out that that's how that's working out but again I'm gonna go back to Michael Sarah because it's not just him it's Scott Pilgrim in general because you don't get a lot of background other than
(20:30) just looking at them and the way he acts around his friends and and he just seems like a pretty I don't know he just he's not a very Stout uh strong looking man how's he learn how does he fight how is he fighting like this immediately Matthew Patel shows up and he's just kicking ass right away and how's he doing that the funny thing is even in the books the only background they really give you is that Scott fights a lot like Scott literally would just be in school and he would just be in fights
(20:58) when he was dating Kim he'd get into fights like he just always could fight okay and I was that's it they don't they don't say he learned from whatever it was just Scott gets into fights he saved girlfriends from bullies and he just yeah okay so I just can't again I can't see Michael Sarah doing that and also like this is this is again like your disbelief is suspended because it looks so animated and it's and it's way over the top but it does seem kind of crazy that he's doing like roundhouse kicks
(21:24) yes out of nowhere and I'm like this is where did he get this like he brought like seven guys when he was fighting Chris Evans like why why couldn't he do this it doesn't make sense but again yeah I mean it's a freaking movie and uh it's people just put it especially in a movie theater if you're not familiar with the graphic novels which I wasn't I was just like oh comic books yeah you could do that sure no one questions it so that just kind of caught me off guard that he was like he didn't
(21:52) even really ever get like beat up like he got hit a few times like he got pushed through a couple walls like obviously I can Brandon Ralph did a number on him he he messed him up Todd did some damage like he should not have won that fight no no but that's the way he won that one though that's what I like uh so something that he could have done better in this movie was not every fight in the book was literally a fight like it was a competition sometimes okay so like him and Todd legitimately one of their
(22:23) fights competitions is they go into like a version of Walmart and they just have to go in and come out without getting distracted and like dying but it's like this place where you you've run you're looking around and they're like oh my God there's this is on sale and this and this and they just like get distracted and hypnotized by all these items and they have to make it back out alive and that was like their competition and that was it that's interesting that would have been an interesting thing to depict
(22:49) in a movie I don't know how that would have worked out that's why they didn't do it yeah Todd's character like obviously the whole vegan thing it was hilarious but the liner he's like he punched her highlights out of the room he said that twice and I'm like wait why is it so funny it was so dramatic but yeah that that I think he was definitely that whole like I don't know he definitely wasn't winning that fight it was very clear that he was losing yeah but he hit him with the vegan loophole and vegan
(23:18) police out of nowhere I almost want like a spin-off of that like I want to spin off of like real police the movie and where they're just going around in like a checklist of people's like I don't know you had a little little half and half here yeah but yeah a background in the vegan school like the vegan Academy should be its own its own thing yes uh I and those actors and that as well I I they're also recognizable I saw them in movies a bunch of times I can't name them but Thomas Jane is is the the
(23:50) oh that was Thomas Jane the main one yeah yeah I didn't even recognize him that's crazy and the other guy I've definitely seen before but I don't know his name though I don't know his name either that's unfortunate but he's been in a lot of other stuff too all right uh I'm ready to get in the draft I don't I don't have anything else to say about this movie outside of of the props that we're going to be picking and their impact on the film so if you want to if you're ready
(24:14) let me let me reach all the way over here and hit this button just pulled something in my arm all right really doing that closer you I know I really should uh you picked this movie we have a new setup by the way at least I do um and Tyler you're gonna be moving soon so your setup's gonna gonna shift a smidge yes we'll see how that goes but I'm excited for you to get in your new place but uh no I got I got a new camera now I got like the holidays that did me well we saved up a bunch of uh gift cards and
(24:45) now I got a camera that makes me look I don't know you can see my pores thank you I appreciate it I didn't want to say it yes I feel now I feel like I feel a lot better that you said and it wasn't me um and I also look a lot better now that you said it uh because I was gonna look like a jerk saying I look cute but I do look cute uh you can check us out on our YouTube channel the movie propcast and if you're maybe seeing some social media Clips on our Instagram and our Tick Tock as well uh at movieprocast
(25:11) you can follow us there uh please do subscribe to our YouTube channel we're going to start putting more content outside of I can't I can't let this camera go to waste so I'm gonna we're gonna put out some more content uh outside of just the podcast up on our YouTube channel this year we're gonna get the ball rolling uh it's draft time I don't know why I said all this right now I waited to the middle of the podcast in the drive I was just gonna let you know I the thought did actually cross my mind I was like
(25:35) why is he doing ad placement that's the way it is we got them right now everyone's curious about what your first pick is and I'm just this is when you cram the ads in all right this is it right before your first pick in the Scott Pilgrim versus the world draft there's all that information please rewind it a couple times and listen to it over again uh follow that simple Direction and we will love you forever early on you mentioned that there wasn't a whole lot I actually think there was a
(26:00) lot it's just hard to decide what's worthy um but just me being who I am my first pick is going to be Scots Katana at the end so Scott has two katanas here into the power of love and the power of self-respect something yeah something respect it was yeah self-respect so Scott gets two katanas and I looked them up they have two versions of them actually they have a katana where it's just the hilt and maybe like two inches of dagger that they would use uh yeah it wasn't green it was lit it would literally stop like two inches
(26:37) above the hilt of dagger oh okay and then so like the part when it comes out of his chest oh yeah the blade so him and Gideon's sword actually had a little bit of that too and they just CGI the rest but then they also had a full Katana 2 for like wide shots and stuff like that so I'm gonna go um when you look at it it has like Scott's initials on it as like SP the guard the hand guard has some cool stuff on it so that's that's what my first pick is gonna be that's a pretty good first pick
(27:07) uh obviously very impactful at the end of the movie whenever he's just slaying people uh and they all turn into coins which I thought was a nice touch I really like that yeah uh man I don't know where I'm going here like I'm already like sweating it a little bit you just picked that so I'm like where do I go like I don't know where you're gonna come back like are you gonna steal something from me huh I gotta take something from Scott you just took something from Scott I gotta take another thing I can't I can't not
(27:37) get it if you double stop me I think I'm done so I think I'm gonna take Scott's bass guitar that was that was tied for first pick with me I think I gotta take that uh I don't know what it is I don't know what it is but it's like that red it's got that like that little like it sticks out a little farther on the top I'm not a guitar guy so everything I'm saying right now I don't even want to pretend that I know what that was it just looks cool it's a guitar and the main
(28:06) character was uh swapping it so uh something I didn't say at the top um the music in this it might not be everyone's genre or everyone's thing but this is a a movie where I actually listen to the soundtrack to a lot there's like four solid hits there's some images in there yeah there's there's like four solid good songs in here and then the bass battle between Todd and Scott is just something I could just listen to and I'm just bored like they they did a good job with the music
(28:38) in this Todd was winning that he was winning oh 100 so that was like uh yeah yeah right it was the whole the whole time he never never gave that up but no he was trying though Scott was trying he did try but Tyler's just better so yeah so okay so we're both we both have something from Scott now I'm comfortable now and now I'm ready to go completely off the rails but luckily it's your pick right now so let's see let's see where you go uh and now I feel like it's weird like there's some weird stuff I know I know
(29:07) one thing for sure I'm walking away with but I'm I just don't know if you're that guy I don't think you're that guy the thing is this movie had a lot of good stuff but you made such a fuss in the Grinch about not liking to take single sheets of paper hmm and there's like four in this there's a lot of paper there's a lot of paper in this movie so if you leave with any one of those I'm calling you out on it okay that's fair that's fair um number two pick for me I think
(29:43) I think I want The Clash of demon head cardboard cutout you son of a B I thought for sure I could wait on that one I was like you're not you're not the cardboard cutout guy but no that's that's that one was awesome though yes you got Envy up there Todd you got their their drummer in the back yeah I don't know that didn't really they didn't really have a role in this movie I feel like but it was obviously it's Brandon Ralph and Brie Larson in a cardboard cutout that's a that's a w that's
(30:10) awesome I'm mad about that one I actually almost took well I'll let you go and I'll tell you at the end I'll tell you yeah okay Clash of demon head cardboard cutout um as soon as I saw that I was like that's up there that was definitely that was top three for me uh all right I'll cross that out so let me go now that I feel like something's gonna be available at the end there let me let me go I want to take Gideon's cane sword I I didn't want to go a double sword that I didn't think you did but I I it
(30:42) looks cool because it's legit a cane and he like what do they call it unsheaths what is it what is it yeah yeah he literally pulls it out and it actually I think I I looked at it closely because I rewind it when it hits his shoulder it very clearly like like bounces like you could tell it's like a rubber like a foam it's not it's not a real sword did you look up uh the amount of detail in that so um I I could send it to you later um or I could we could post pictures of it I looked up there's a
(31:10) group who made like the weapon for this movie Gideon's sword has even more detail than Scots like it on the bottom it has the skull because it's the cane yeah and where he holds it it says G-Man on it and his hand guard makes like do you remember his triangle with the three G's in it that his like logo yeah his hand guard is that and the sword comes out it's his sword is actually a very good piece of work so they didn't have to go they didn't have to go that hard on it because in the movie you barely
(31:39) you don't see a lot of it especially when it's moving but they went they they took their job seriously and I respect that that's the way to do it but I definitely wanted to get one of those I I Gideon is an interesting character obviously you don't see him till like the third Act of the movie but he's he's actually he's not even really mentioned oh no she meant yes he's mentioned he is mentioned throughout the movie you're right you're right and then he comes up at the end and then yeah that that the
(32:01) whole scene at the end where it's the big boss battles uh I I don't I don't want to talk I guess I can talk about it now because it is at that same time where he's using that that battle at the end where I don't know I don't know how he felt about it right he gets he obviously dies he gets and he gets that one up and he comes back he gets a second life and does everything I love that he had to go through and do everything over again like the pastor at the door and go all the way through and yeah basically it
(32:26) wasn't just an instant respawn at the spot so yeah he went back and had to go through all that again I don't know if I like the resolution with knives and Ramona at the end there do you mean like after the fight when they're standing outside or do you mean like I mean like in the Moment Like was that was that way even better like I don't know how that was better it was here he's just like yeah I cheated like he doesn't even like explain like I don't know maybe I would obviously it happened and but the fact
(32:53) that knives is like everyone's just chill with it yeah I don't know if you think about who Scott was leading up to that moment it's it's like him finally taking responsibility and I guess that was good enough I don't know I'm not saying I I side with you him just being like hey guys I cheated on both of you listen I'm sorry we cool but all right yeah but like I I agree with you but like it was it was a moment so yeah I think it would have made more sense yeah if there was a little more clarification of the like
(33:24) timeline where they could be like okay and that's the thing too like the timeline wasn't it was bad but it wasn't as bad as like him saying I cheated on you makes it sound like he cheat on it like it really was just one night he kissed Ramona and then broke up with knives like two days later right and as soon as he's sorry very very clearly was like dejected and didn't want anything to do with the other relationship it there isn't there is an immaturity there where he's like it's hard to break up
(33:51) with somebody right it's like I don't it's it's it's you don't want to do it but at the end of the day she's in high school bro like that should be easy it shouldn't have never started yeah that's I know that's really weird but uh anyway no I thought that was that was probably the one like thing at the end where I was like that seems a little weird little rush but obviously again it's what do you do in that situation he's got it the whole thing's supposed to be
(34:14) lead up to this big fight so I thought the way it ended was cool yes it just it just I don't know you didn't see the uh the what do they call it the alternate ending did you was there an alternate ending yeah there is I did not see an alternate ending no there's in so in the main ending he goes through the door with Ramona right yes are you going to tell me you're going to spoil the alternating oh go away now I want to see it and now I think everybody who I think everybody who's I know hears this yeah I want to
(34:49) go see it all right that don't spoil it you can give me like a quick like like what are your thoughts on it real quick like is it is it a better ending I don't know it's like a lateral it's like uh okay yeah oh then I don't like it sure I'm not gonna like it I don't know I can already tell I don't like it so I'm gonna go with the Gideon's cane sword and we have now each one more pick of the remaining props in this film so this is it this is your last pick you currently are seeing with Scott's Katana
(35:20) yeah and The Clash at demon head cardboard cutout there's actually a lot of good stuff in this movie now that I'm like and there's like three other things I could take um but I just spoke so highly of the music and I think I want to go with Kim's drum set with the sex but bombs logo on it that's pretty cool that's pretty cool I'm not a drum set guy but no that's not that's that's cool for you uh I think I think I wanna I think I wanna can we can we push this to four now if you want to sure I mean I could
(35:53) pull something on my butt we'll figure it out yeah okay let's push this before you greedy son of a baby that's fine yeah that's fine all right so I hope I steal it from you right here but I don't know if I will now I I just the fact that you have something in mind and I'm just sitting here you like pull I feel like I'm pulling a pull tab at like a deli and I'm just like reading it uh that's where I'm at right now uh okay so you picked the drum set uh I think damn see now now that we're going to
(36:21) Fort I can I can do this and feel happy about it so I'm gonna take Ramona's skates that's a good pick I'm taking her skates I don't want to say anything else I'm not gonna I'm not gonna take anything else off Ramona but she had something else that I didn't think she wore a majority of the movie but I think she might even wear at the same time I'm going skates though oh yeah yeah I'm gonna go with the skates because for whatever reason they're I don't know there was a moment
(36:46) in the movie where she comes out and they he gives she gives it was the night after they they slept together they didn't actually like do anything but they slept in the same bed but they're separating she gives him her number why is this snow melting what is that it's clear it's clearing it's clearing a path for her it's it's like this movie borders way too much between being a real life movie and a comic book movie at the same time that you forget sometimes it's supposed to be a comic
(37:15) book movie that's one of those things that it was just silly and it was just like a she just like she doesn't have powers but it's just one of those things like her being able to travel through his Subspace Highway and that's fair yeah now I I just it was such a weird like that I feel like there was no nobody even like said anything about it there was it just happened and you're like why is this happening it was really weird for me but an element in the skates though so yeah that's it yeah
(37:41) you mentioned something it wouldn't happen to be something like these would it yes those aren't like the same goggles like they're not these same goggles but I saw her in the movie and I was like I have those or at least something like those these are they look very similar these are like holographic goggles these will actually make you vomit so you put these on and they're they're like Kaleidoscope goggles on the inside but very much similar design to Ramona and Her goggles let me borrow those bro I want to try I
(38:16) want to try to run in a straight line as fast as I can it'll be it'll be trouble it'll be trouble you see like 12 of everything with these on that's disgusting uh okay so I'm taking Ramona skates and now I need to know what you couldn't resist you couldn't leave off the board I don't know so we we like to talk about um things that you see and you're like oh I know what movie that's from and I can't remember if this item actually made it into the film but I know the
(38:44) item exists because it's on display with a lot of other Scott Pilgrim uh I almost said paraphernalia what the hell I mean uh paraphernalia yeah with other Scott Pilgrim items um there are a there's a strand of photo booth photos of Scott and envy Adams hmm I can't remember if it made the movie or not and that would disqualify it um no maybe maybe they like like did a macro of it like it was like am I talking about her in the past and like it popped up on the side of the screen or something but I know it exists
(39:25) because I was going through movie props for this and they sold like Scott's guitar they have uh the drawing of Ramona they have uh Ramona's outfit and then they have a drawing of Ramona that's like horrible you talking about the ones it's like a scribble yes yes he's like do you know this girl yeah and there was like yeah like no one was bad like no one was blown away that that was immediately he looked at that was like Ramona Flowers that's the one but you know when you go on a date and you
(39:53) go on the picture booth and you get like those four photographs yeah they have done that Michael Sarah and Brie Larson as Natalie and Scott Pilgrim okay you and that's what you want that's what I want I want that okay and you wanted to push to a fourth for that I mean my other pick if that if that gets disqualified because I can't disqualified I mean if you if it's a thing I genuinely don't remember if it's in the movie and I'll gladly let it get disqualified but that's what I want yes
(40:21) Jesus you sound disappointed you I'm disappointed I'm just I'm just not I don't know I'm just you know I thought oh wow get your fourth pick and then we'll talk about we'll talk okay so there's two there's two things left that I'm like I'm pretty I'm pretty okay with um you got something with Clash of demon head I feel like I also want something I want a part of that right I I feel like that's pretty good but I also don't want to leave something off the table that might be cooler yeah
(40:49) okay I think I'm going to take Lucas Lee's skateboard I thought about it it's got a logo right his little skateboard logo on it I thought about that I think I need that this is the stupidity of that character and the way he goes out just on a grind rail going like 500 miles an hour yeah yeah that's that's straight out of the comic book too like that's how he dies which is hilarious um it was very hard for me not to take an outfit Scott wore like six outfits in this movie and something happens yeah
(41:25) graphic tees Edgar Wright was really good about like hinting at X's he has like uh Scott has the X-Men patch on one of his jackets it's sort of like a breadcrumb for him being an ex in the future um his last outfit was just something I liked because he had the uh the SP the Scott Pilgrim with the heart that's like something that um was out of the comic book also uh what else did I like yeah I'm just going down that he kept putting on everyone that's about his hair that was that that should have been up there
(41:56) because that was like a funny little bit that it kept doing every time it's like your hair's looking a little scraggly two of his cats are actually are actually like prop set or for sale he had like a longer like beanie cap that I know I saw on uh an auction website but other things I liked the classroom demon had actually had a CD and album that's what I was gonna go for but they had like album code they had two album covers they had the pink one and then there was a black one I don't know I
(42:22) don't know I just saw the one at the beginning where they're in their thumb and they're like knives has it and he throws it and then they do a close-up of it that was the one I was thinking of when I wrote it down right when I saw that I did too um the Ramona drawing was on my list that's something that's awesome I I kind of want that too but you don't like sheets of paper so I knew it wasn't gonna go the list of the seven X's when she was like what you want me to laminate it to and she actually gives
(42:46) him a laminated one after they fight knives blades at the end of the movie I'm super pretty cool those are cool you didn't care about those at all yeah I'm not knives yeah get out of my way man you're in the way of the movie come on oh man did I just hurt you there or something come on well it's because they don't do your Justice and the books knives actually knives dad is like a big part of the movie he stalks Scott for like a whole book it's not as dead as like an assassin and he tries to kill Scott for
(43:17) like an entire book it's it's kind of cool funny yeah um and then I've said Scott's final outfit um you have Gideon's sword and Ramona's Hammer was surprisingly Bland like there was no logo on it it was just like a giant piece of stone pulls it out of her bag and that's that's it they were all just cool with that that just that that can fit in there magically but yeah I mean I guess I can't complain about this there's whatever this world is it's there's some different kind of stuff
(43:44) going on there but the Ninja arcade game was it was a was a real possibility the people who made Scott's sword and Gideon's sword made that arcade game awesome that's pretty so that's that's a real prop they like took the time to make that yeah all right yeah see I don't know I I that was that was the first thing I wrote down early in the movie and I was like that's pretty cool and then at the end obviously they do a little combo thing because they played the game together so they they did tie
(44:09) it back into that so that was something and then I don't understand what year it was but Wallace's computer what what was going on there dude yeah like it's a 95 Windows computer for some reason yeah I don't know but they kept making references to Canada and I'm like is this what it's like in Canada like what I do it over there I do have two or three friends who are Canadian and I make a joke with them that Canada is a decade behind on everything so I'm like yeah next year you guys will get like
(44:37) rap music and it's it's gonna be a really good when you guys get it oh my goodness yeah I don't know what was going with the computer and I thought it was that's stupid like that you've got mail thing and I'm like it's 2010 like what are we still doing that uh and then the last thing I did was another Lucas Lee thing but it was a movie ads that uh I think Wallace had him all in this on his apartment because he's like obsessed with them but like there was that was again piece of paper you would have
(45:02) crucified me for but yep there were so many of them and it was all his movie ads I think they were pretty funny looking though I think that the fact that somebody went through and took the time to make all those uh is pretty cool so yeah uh this is again another movie that I always have to defend when not against me not against you so I'm like weird it's it's I'm not used to having another supporter and obviously if you've listened this far into the podcast you are also a Scott pilgrimiac
(45:26) uh which is I don't think a real thing don't ever say that again a pilgrimiac no you said it again I know I just I'm trying to make it a thing if I say pilgrimiac okay what I what I want you to do for I'm getting off this fast as I can what I want you to do with Kristen is sit her down and if maybe if she knows the amount of effort that went in to make things like there's a thing about Edgar Wright and the and his technique going into this movie that made me appreciate it more technique yeah if you sit her down with that maybe
(45:59) she'll like it better because this is a this is a great movie I'm she's no uh I don't think she's a person that's gonna like respect good film etiquette and like I don't know unique film takes I don't think she's that person but I do think she does like deep down like she knows it's a funny movie but it bothers her that I like it I don't know why I don't know it's one of those things where she like she Drew her Line in the Sand before she watched it and now when she's watching it she's
(46:27) like I can't I can't look away and I'm mad about it like I don't know what it is it's a very strange situation but again I love this movie you love this movie uh this is how we're starting 2023 off and it's gonna only get weirder Valentine's days coming up uh that's gonna be something special I don't know is it I don't know you you tell me I mean you're the one picking for that so I'm gonna pick the next the next episode is going to come out here and then you'll be the Valentine's Day
(46:53) guy I picked notebook last year which again we say this every time but if you haven't listened to that podcast so good you gotta go back the notebook was a banger and uh and we had a lot of fun with it but I think you I have an idea of where you're going this year but I'm I'm a little scared there's almost no other Valentine's worthy movies that I we didn't think the notes looking prop heavy either yeah yeah you're right we just need love all right that's all we need in this we're
(47:23) just gonna go watch love movies now I'll be back in a month okay we don't Google love movies though because oh wait I was I was typing that no so you're gonna get different stuff and I don't think we can make podcasts on that there's only um those props I don't know man I'm really into risk it all that's that's too far but uh no we appreciate you guys listening this far uh and uh and listening to Scott Pilgrim Vs the World that the fact that you again I keep I keep saying this if they make it to the
(47:50) end of the podcast they love the movie or at least they're they're genuinely curious about the movie which is cool or they just love us I'm not willing to say that but they do though they 100 do if you're listening to this I'm in your ear holes and I can't you you can't get me out oh my God I guess or you just could turn it off which you probably have already done so all right let's let's just get out of here now and uh and we'll catch you guys on the next episode and again stay tuned
(48:15) for the day of Love which I keep hyping it up but I'm I'm just as curious as you guys are about what movie we're gonna do because it's gonna be amazing oh I'm gonna fail all right goodbye everybody foreign [Music]